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With or without scientific research and prove. In the earlier times or the present age, it is easy for anyone to identify and differentiate a good character from the bad one. Human behavior can be easily judged from humane and kind behavior.
I was reading from a comment section of a particular post while surfing the internet recently. It was an introvert spring platform and one could tell they were all on the same page as each of them contributed their experience and pour out their minds under the post.

Being an introvert myself got me nodding and affirming some facts they talked about, but most were bitter about it, they complained and demonstrated they needed to be left one.
Introverts are timid, anti-social, protective, and reticent. Most of them lack confidence and can't deal with anxiety. Well, that's just how they are. And these features about them can't be acclaimed to be toxic or perfect.

Michaela had earlier posted about the unwritten law and favorite comment of the society to reclusive prove like her. She said,

"We don't need to come out of our shell. It's not likely to be a prison that punishes but a shield that safeguards. Like in a turtle, when exhausted and overwhelmed, I can't put on my invisible shield and prevent a meltdown".

Michaela accused that the society telling them to come out of their shell is really like forcing her to be or act like someone she's not. She sees guilt is suddenly acting unlike her. She wants to remain her main self and be left alone.
Well, as much as introverted people prefer staying reserved, protective of themselves, setting boundaries, and retreating to their shells. It is never right to call them weak or not smart. They are rather intelligent, good listeners and observers. They are also a good judge of character.

Reticence gifts them potential friends and identifies them as people they can just tolerate. They are full of so many talents and abilities you can ever think of and their preserved inherent awesomeness is what makes them unique.

However, weakness and insecurities can be obvious on their path of lifestyle. Attitudes of ignoring gatherings of people reveal how much they want to keep hiding and staying away from any kind of trouble.
Therefore, I think that, for anyone to be encouraged to come out of his shell. He must be made to see reasons such as paying attention to limitations his personality brings about.
Moreover, they lack in so many important aspects of communication skills. Finding it so hard to interact and communicate their intentions properly. They are therefore prone to be judged easily, doubted, condemned, or even tagged with pride. Their values in society stay hidden despite the spirit of excellence in them. They surprise you with the best possible written dissertations but a brief oratory presentation may be difficult.

Subsequently, introverted people tend to fail in building important relationships. They are anti-social, mind their own business, and prefer to do their thing without knowing if they hurt other people when they are busy protecting themselves. Some even suffer psychologically because they keep all of their problems to themselves as they don't appreciate the attention.

Conclusively, as an improved introvert "I'm still working on myself" who had a better understanding to work on himself. I will suggest that it is important to intend to come out of that shell that has been limiting your progress and shielding your exposure to great success. Come out of it and you can reach your full potentials, you get to discover new things about yourself, care more about caring friends around you, and finally genuinely stay happy.