Conscious breathing

The benefits of simply breathing...


Conscious breathing or as some people call it breathwork, is something I have been practicing for a few years now.
There are so many physical and mental health benefits to this practice and you only need a few minutes a day.
I am continuing my study of conscious breathing and it really just keeps getting better and better.
It's such a simple practice but the effects on the body and mind are so profound!
Every morning, after my yoga asana practice I sit and do half an hour of conscious breathing.
By simply breathing I feel so open, calm and relaxed. I wanted to share a simple exercise with you today to introduce you to conscious breathing and so you can see for yourselves how blissful it can be!
Most of us actually breathe a lot with our chest when really we should be breathing deep into the abdomen. When we inhale our tummy should expand like a balloon and when we exhale our tummy should deflate and draw back towards the spine.
When we breathe properly we fully oxygenate the body and allow sufficient blood circulation around all the vital organs which leads to a healthy happy body!

Connecting to the breath...

What you will need.... A heavy book or pillow
Lie down comfortably and place the pillow or book on your lower abdomen open your legs slightly, about hip distance apart and turn your palms to face the sky.
Exhale completely out through the nose then inhale slowly and deeply through the nose.
As you inhale fill your lower abdomen and let it inflate like a balloon.. you will feel the book/pillow rise up.
Then as you exhale feel your lower abdomen draw back towards your spine, you will feel the book/pillow lower down.
Continue like this, breathing in and out through the nose for about 10 breaths. See if you can manage a little pause in between each inhale and exhale.
Breathe deeply and slowly really connecting to your breath and feeling the pillow/book rising and falling, up and down.
After 10 breaths remove the book/pillow and relax.
Repeat 1 or 2 more times.
When you sit back up move consciously and slowly, be gentle with yourself.
How do you feel??
I would love to hear back from anyone who tried this exercise.
I hope you enjoyed this practice. 😊

 last year  

thanks for sharing this charley! im gonna do it!

 last year  

This is really awesome @charleywhittall thanks for updating us on stuffs like this

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