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Hello! Remember those letters? Gosh its been a while hasn't it.. and you know, this past few weeks I keep getting the inner nudge to reboot the Question Of The Week! It's hard to believe how much has changed in this world since just one or two years, and I sure have a lot of pent up questions to be asking! Certainly don't need AI for that! ;)

So, maybe im going to do it,.. If you have any enthusiasm for this, please do let me know!.. and indeed if there are any specific topics that you think are important to talk about, let me know in the comments... In the past we have focused on a pretty broad range of topics, with a real focus on inner work, lifestyle, and of course a good dose of spiritual and esoteric themes..

I have to be honest, i think finally i miss it! what to say? Im curious whos here, and whats the vibe like today!?

So what do you say? QOTW 2024 Yay or Ney?

If you haven't heard of the @ecotrain then this is what we are about:

What is @ecotrain?
@ecotrain is not just a community; it's a beacon of hope, a sanctuary for like-minded souls, and a platform where passionate individuals converge to explore, discuss, and promote sustainability, ecology, and all things green. Our community has always been more than just a place to share content—it's a movement driven by a shared vision of a harmonious coexistence with nature and a commitment to addressing the many varied challenges we face today.

The Importance of @ecotrain in a Changing World
The world is evolving rapidly, and the environmental issues we once discussed are no longer distant concerns. Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and resource depletion have escalated, impacting our daily lives in profound ways. Amid these challenges, @ecotrain continues to serve as a platform that not only raises awareness but also offers a ray of hope.

Community and Support:
@ecotrain is a welcoming and supportive community where individuals can share their thoughts, ideas, and solutions related to environmental conservation. In a world where the problems can feel overwhelming, our community provides a sense of togetherness and empowerment.

Inspiration and Education:
Through curated content and discussions, @ecotrain inspires individuals to adopt sustainable lifestyles, make informed choices, and take meaningful actions. In an era where information overload is common, @ecotrain offers a trusted source of eco-conscious insights.

Spiritual and Esoteric
Within the @ecotrain community, our discussions extend far beyond the realm of ecology and sustainability. We delve into the esoteric and spiritual dimensions of life, exploring the profound connections between our inner selves and the outer world. From mindfulness and meditation practices to reflections on the interconnectedness of all life, @ecotrain serves as a haven for those seeking spiritual insights and a deeper understanding of our place in the universe. But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Our conversations also span a wide spectrum of lifestyle topics.

Whether it's sharing delicious plant-based recipes, discussing eco-friendly fashion choices, or offering tips for reducing waste in our daily lives, @ecotrain is a treasure trove of wisdom on living in harmony with nature. It's a place where you can find inspiration for every aspect of your eco-conscious journey.

Global Collaboration:
The challenges we face are global in scale, requiring collaborative efforts from people around the world. @ecotrain connects individuals from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations, fostering global cooperation and the exchange of ideas to address common challenges.

Positive Change:
By focusing on inner work, personal growth, and the spiritual aspects of sustainability, @ecotrain encourages holistic approaches to change. It reminds us that sustainable living isn't just about external actions but also about inner transformation.

Thank you for being part of the @ecotrain journey, and let's continue our shared mission to create a more sustainable, balanced, and harmonious world.

With eco-love,
Alex and @ecotrain 💚🌍


QOTW 2024? Definitely YAY!

What do you think @thisismylife?

Hey Alex, so good to see you back on here.
Yes bring it back xxxx

 3 months ago  

hey! oh wow ur still here! ... lol.. of course you are :)
hope Spain is working out!

Glad ur into this, always enjoyed reading your posts <3
here we goooooo.. maybe! probably..

Looking forward to "restart" the writing and reading skill through QOTW ....welcome back Alex👏👏

 3 months ago  

hey ! loooooong time !!!! good to see you here steemflow..
im just in my last few weeks back in India.. missed it a lot after 6 months of mayhem in Thailand :)

Will head back soon!
hope your good! glad you are on board!
onwards! <3

So u in India??? Rishikesh....when u would be leaving ?

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A great many more questions begged to be asked now! Please do.

 3 months ago  

hey! good to see u still here! nice response so far :)

Thanks. Nice to have you back. I'll think of more questions to ask, but at this point, the one at the forefront of my mind regards the importance of saying no if your heart feels this, when most everyone else is saying yes.

 3 months ago  

oh yes!, i mean no :) very interesting one! something ive been learning a lot about lately!

A definite YEY! It's great to see you back, and even better to look forward to more QOTW! For sure, bring it on! 😃

 3 months ago  

ahaa! wow! hey Brother! how r uuuuuu? hope all is good..
looks like were ON <3

Sure, everything is great. I'm glad to see you back, and looking forward to some more ecotrain journeys!

Ab-so-freaking-lutely a YES from me!

How good is it to see you found your way back @eco-alex! The QOTW always made me reflect and look at things from a different perspective and I'm all for having these again!

!PIZZA for you, and thanks for the tag @hetty-rowan


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@thisismylife(3/5) tipped @eco-alex

For sure.
Welcome back to the fold!

 3 months ago  

thank u! <3 looking forward to a bit of fun and games <3

QOTW was good and popular. Made more content in Eco-Train (but only papa-pepper posts in eco-train on Steem)

It just takes time out of your week. Can you afford that? The wrap up post is important.

I know i follow you, i am unsure if i follow the QOTW account. So please reblog. I will keep looking for it.

 3 months ago  

ahhh that is a good question really.. can i afford that! honestly i dont the opportunity cost.. but it feels right and ill keep it simple thats for sure.. and hopefully I can keep the controversy down.. but probably not knowing me :)

YAYYYY! Hehehe. I've been without inspiration lately so it'd be nice to have something to work on coming from the ecotrain. Great to see you around Alex (and FB of all places hehehe).

 3 months ago  

hey hey! nice to see you on Hive, and FB of course.. funny how it goes!
Nice to see you on board too.. looks like were on for some more fun!,..

I love that this post mentions the esoteric and spiritual element to ecology! For me and many being a better ecologist has a lot to do with seeing Earth through the eyes of animism and/or a pagan perspective. So, I am going to be a sharing a bit more about ecology and spirituality and how they collide and help enchant the world!