Moving On Meditation Part 3: Loving ourselves enough to move on

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I've come to realise that these very special videos made by @ianperic are very suited to all of us in these changing times. Letting go and moving on is such an important theme right now, and many of us are being pushed into letting go of, and moving on from many things. Our lives as we know it have changed drastically of late, and these guided meditations are just perfect for helping us move through it with grace and ease.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to @ianperic who is creating this videos. I have worked with many therapists and alternative healing modalities over the past 30 years and let me just say that Ian is simply wonderful at what he does, with so much heart and clarity and light.. Priceless!

Content / key scenes:

  1. An introduction to this process.
  2. Finding direction, clarifying what we "really" want to step into. Something that we can wish everyone well from
  3. Aligning with the heart, a celebration of life from a place of gratitude and grace, what actions, relations and celebrations would this have? Genuine happiness, what would be an example of genuine happiness, to Children, to others, to yourself.
  4. Pulsing the breath as we open that out to all beings
  5. To those close to us
  6. To ourselves.
  7. Ride this into the day, remember how this feels, come back to it each day

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amazing.. wow ian.., you are a master at what you do.. it couldnt have come at a better time for me.. Much love! x

Thanks Mate!
It's an honour to share this here 😍

 last year (edited) 

i cant help thinking that the timing of that cutting saw was just [email protected] cutting through those ties... ;-)

Beautiful thank you, what a great experience. Bless you for this wonderful possibility.

We always need a boost in our lives, motivation to continue ... A big hug dear.