🌍🏠💚 I'm BACK! Building a Viral Sustainability Revolution: Earthship Biotecture on Koh Phangan 💪🌴🌱

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Hey everyone! I'm very happy to announce that I'm back in the world AND on Hive, and have quite some things to share! After taking a good year to explore new opportunities and make significant changes in my personal life, I realised that Hive is an integral part of my journey. This platform has become a natural space for me to document and share the amazing events and experiences that unfold. After a year or more of great movement, inner work, and deep reflections, I have taken up the reins of Earthships again!

There's a little voice inside me that tells me it's time to continue writing and updating you all on the progress of my Earthship Biotecture Mission in Koh Phangan, which is where i now live since 5 months. I left India suddenly, but that is another story!

This is a new and incredibly exciting project that is manifesting at light speed and in ways I could never have imagined possible! To whet your appetite, I can already share that I’ve secured both the land and the funding for two community Earthship builds—a smaller one and a larger one. These partnerships I've forged are none commercial and rather driven by a shared passion for sustainability and eco-friendly living and an opportunity to take Earthship Biotecture viral here on the Island.

If you are interested in Sustainable building, living and earthships then join me on this journey, and let's see where it takes us together! Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to be inspired by the potential of sustainable living and biotecture.

I’m right now gearing up for my first month long workshop held in amazing space called Rasaruna.

The owners were amazingly generous, and get the cause, and have donated the entire space to me for this cause for the entire month. This workshop is entirely free for all to attend (im paying for everything including food and materials), my commitment to this project goes beyond financial considerations. I see it as an opportunity to embrace a new paradigm based on natural giving and Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It's a grassroots endeavour that aims to unite, learn, and evolve together. Im all in, it is TIME!

If you are interested to see, here is a breakdown of the Workshop that’s about to happen!

Week 1 (9th - 13th October 2023): Sustainable Garden Biotecture & Design with Bottles & Cob, Biodynamic Gardening / Permaculture & Composting.

Week 2 (16th - 20th October 2023): Focus on Rainwater Harvesting & Purification, Plumbing & Filtering Techniques.

Week 3 (23rd - 27th October 2023): Solar Power & Energy Conservation, Appliance Selection & Efficient Usage.

Week 4 (30th October - 3rd November 2023): Celebrate Tyres in Earthship Biotecture, Plastering techniques, Innovative uses of tyres in construction

The First Earthship Build!

I'm also working on a new model of Earthship for this tropical climate, something that has never been done well before! As a high-tech programmer and designer, I've been deep diving and working with open source AI systems to help me redesign the convection cooling system with 10x efficiency improvements. I have created an AI biotecture engineer that chats out my models with me to help me reinvent the systems. AI’s help with this work has allowed me to discover and chat out approaches that I would have struggled to conceive without a lot of time and effort! There is so much more to share, but that should give you a taste of what's happening.

I want to extend an open invitation to anyone who feels a connection to Thailand or if you live near Koh Phangan. You are more than welcome to join us, participate, and register for this incredible workshop—it is free for all! (please message me for details)

Together, we are creating a beacon of inspiration, resilience, and sustainable living on Koh Phangan. Our journey is just beginning, and I am filled with hope and gratitude for the support I have received thus far.

Supporting the Earthship Workshops: Fueling Change and Empowering Communities through Natural Giving

If you understand what I am doing, why I am doing it, and would like to support this cause please donate urgently!

I have spent all I have to get this far in a matter months, and am working full time to ensure its success. I have no ownership or personal gain, and much prefer to offer this entire service to EVERYONE for free with a channel for anonymous donations from anyone who knows me and feels moved to help me make this happen. I am here with a business visa, residency, and ability to officially lead this in full collaboration with the local Thai authorities!

I’d like to share that I am doing this 100% on my own. Since everyone here is SO preoccupied trying to make money to survive, I have not been able to get help to manage any aspect of this project. As of last week I basically ran out of funds, and am finally putting a call out since this project is SO LIVE and I have such confidence in what is happening. My Facebook Group has 250 local people, of which around 100 all want to build an earthship or even large scale resorts!

In order to make this possible, I HAVE to make a working and proven model that exists here for all to see. That is what I am doing.

The great news is that I already have secured both the land and funding for two Earthship builds driven by a profound connection and passion from myself and two others who have land here that is not being used. This partnership goes beyond commercial interests; they are the result of a real heart to heart connection and desire to bring Earthship Biotecture and regenerative and community work to Koh Phangan.

What I need is smaller support to allow me to live and cover my basic costs of running these workshops. I have spent around $10,000 this year solely on the workshops and all of the equipment and materials I need to demonstrate and lead it. I am now officially out money! I don’t need much and every goes right into this project that is happening in two weeks.

If this mission resonates with you and you feel the call to contribute, know that your donation directly supports the costs of materials, transportation, and all the efforts behind the scenes.

By standing with me, you're not just making a donation. You're championing a shift towards sustainability and unity. Like a pebble creating ripples in a pond, your support triggers waves of positive change like you won’t believe!

Some Photos From My First Community Event Last Week Where i shared the movie Garbage Warrior!






My Facebook Group with 275 Locals (all community people i know here!)


🌍🙏 Support the Cause: Make a Difference through Donations to Earthship Biotecture on Koh Phangan! 💚🌱

🌍 Channels for Your Generosity 🌍

*Pay in any currency with WISE

Crypto Donations:
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Welcome back Alex :D

 7 months ago  

thank U! <3

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cheers @steemflow! (missing india a bit today!)

Awesome!!! I knew you'd be back eventually, and more so am I glad to see that you'll be hanging around too! Also, I am pleasantly not surprised that you are involved in another Earthship project... But once again, it is sooo far away from me. (Now that I happen to be in Europe, you're in Asia!) In any case, I'm excited about reading your posts and following the build as it is coming along.

 7 months ago  

lol! of course you did! i mean.. what to do.. this journey is clearly not over even despite Portugal!

Things are very intense right now as i basically single handedly lead the path into a totally new paradigm. I have thank god connected with so much of the local old timer community, and new, and the reception has been breathtaking really!

IT looks like next year we build! I have the land and budget ready, and the new model i am designing looks really pretty good to me as ive reinvented the cooling system with i hope 5X improvements in efficiency, and i am very excited to build one with the community and see if it works!

things are unfolding , its also been a very tricky path i can tell u! but, each step things are blessed <3

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I am excited to learn about this type of housing it is very interesting

 7 months ago  

it IS! please check out YouTube for Earthship Biotecture. there is so much up there now on them.. movies, personal stories and more..

Awesome. Thank you for sharing that. I will check it out.

 7 months ago (edited) 


this is THE movie about earthships. Please do buy a copy to support Oliver Hodge who made it. It really is an amazing movie i have watched it countless times and it never gets old!

Thank you for sharing.


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Hi mate, hope you're well. I think my actifit/clean planet posts seem like a potential fit for ecoTrain. Would I be permitted to continue posting to another community and make use of the ecoTrain tag? Hope to hear from you. Peace.

Green greetings @eco-alex and it's amazing that I finally learned about Earthships and how to build Earthships. I will gladly want to be an instructor or crew member for your Earthship project and I will be working this year to raise funds to build the Africa Biotecture and Recycling Academy (ABRA).
I also just came back to Hive and I am looking forward to networking, partnering and working with you in every way I can.

Peace and love