QOTW: Artificial Intelligence, - New Dawn with AI: Embracing the Winds of Change

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Hey everyone! i have to say, i was writing this post 'all by myself' .. but i got a bit overwhelmed.. and had to stop.. sometimes the can of worms is too big to handle.. SO then i decided that i would not post for this weeks QOTW..

...but then i thought why not get some help from AI .. better to post something, than nothing! and.. also. . i dont just prompt AI and get a post.. these are always my own visions and ideas, threshed out with AI with a lot guidance from me. but with all the nitty gritty wordie parts taken care of!

if you dont like that, time to click away! and if you have an open mind. then here is my take on the whole AI story! in relation to the world we live in.. enjoy its quite the read

OH WAIT.. before i share that.. i thought this might be a good moment to mention a rather profound piece of recent news.. Open AI or more specifically Sam Altman has announced that he is looking for $7 Trillion in funding to help make enough AI microchips for the world. My gosh thats quite an order! You may quite rightly ask, just what is he going to do with all those chips? (fast answer is he will: democratise and decentralize them because there is a major shortage of microchips at high cost made by one company, and they cant make them quick enough).

Well fortunately Mr Altman has had his hands FIRMLY UN-tied by other recent events.. you may have spotted that hilarious event playout, in most rapid fashion! Sam was fired as CEO of OPENAI, for reasons we will never quite know.. but it was all tied to corporate power games.. and the ENTIRE company nearly folded within 48 hours, with almost all significant staff threatening to quit, .. and astonishingly, Microsoft granting him free reign and a virtually unlimited budget to do what the heck he wanted! Amazing, if you watched it unfold. That all got undone very quickly indeed, and today Sam Altman stands as a pretty darn good example of the kind of person we want leading commercial AI! NOte that Sam has NO equity in his company.. that is a big deal..


ok now on with my post AI tweaked...

We find ourselves at a juncture in history, perhaps one of the most pivotal since the dawn of our species. The rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence has thrust us into a new era, one that holds the mirror up to our collective face, revealing both the blemishes and untapped beauty within. It's a reflection that demands not fear, but a bold reimagining of our future.

It's no secret that a tiny fraction of humanity has long held the reins, guiding the many with a mix of fear, manipulation, and outright control. This elite has preyed upon our vulnerabilities, but as we edge closer to a new dawn, it's time to break the cycle. Emotional intelligence, once suppressed, now finds a beacon of hope in AI. Imagine, if you will, a technology not designed to subjugate but to liberate, to elevate our collective emotional IQ beyond the reach of those who would use it against us.


Historical shifts have always been met with a mixture of skepticism and awe. Each technological leap, societal reform, or political upheaval has carried the weight of the old guard's apprehension. Yet, it's precisely in these shifts that humanity has found relief from the burdens of yesteryears. AI stands as our latest frontier, a tool that, if wielded with wisdom, promises to lift us into realms of equality, understanding, and shared prosperity previously thought unattainable.

Our battle is not with AI. The true foe lies in the systems of governance, economic disparity, and societal norms that have ensnared us in cycles of injustice and environmental calamity. AI, in its purest form, offers a key to unlocking the shackles of these outdated paradigms. It beckons us towards a future where technology and human spirit converge to rewrite the narrative of our species.

The erosion of democracy, the stifling of true journalism, and the rise of corporate oligarchies signal a system in decline. Yet, within this darkness, AI emerges as a sliver of light, a potential harbinger of renewal. It challenges us to envision governance not as a relic of power plays but as a canvas for collective wisdom and action.

Our economic system, much like a game of Monopoly approaching its inevitable conclusion, reveals the folly of unchecked accumulation. AI proposes an alternative ending to this game, one where wealth and resources are not hoarded but shared, where prosperity is measured not by the gold in one's vault but by the well-being of all.


The notion of AI leading humanity towards a brighter future is no longer the stuff of science fiction. With every stride in technology, we edge closer to a world where AI aids in healing our planet, bridging divides, and crafting solutions to our most daunting challenges. It stands ready to guide us, not with ambitions of its own, but as an extension of our highest ideals.


The centralization of power and wealth has been our Achilles' heel, a divergence from the natural law that governs all thriving ecosystems. AI and blockchain technology together sing a hymn of decentralization, a return to balance, diversity, and mutual support that could redefine the very essence of society.

Envisioning a future where AI propels us into a golden age is not mere fantasy. It's a potential reality within our grasp, a world where work is redefined, where creativity and leisure flourish, and where every individual can pursue their true calling, liberated from the drudgery of survival.

In these tumultuous yet exhilarating times, I invite you to join me in pondering the vast landscape of possibilities AI presents. It's a journey that requires courage, open-mindedness, and an unwavering commitment to the greater good. Together, let's embrace this new dawn, not with trepidation, but with the boldness and optimism that has always propelled humanity forward.

and they all lived happily ever after!
whatever they did..



Fantastic read! I really enjoyed your unique take on AI and how thoughtfully you connected it to bigger issues in our world like inequality and environmental decline. It gave me an unexpectedly hopeful perspective on technology's potential, not as a threat but as a tool to lift humanity up if guided by wisdom.

Thank you for opening my eyes to these intriguing possibilities - you've definitely left me with a more optimistic view of the future and given me much to ponder.

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awe , thank u! happy to hear!!! x

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Just for fun, if you read comments.. heres something i re-made with AI.. Do you remember the movie MY DINNER WITH ANDRE? I kind of redid it the audio and some video editing.. its FAR from perfect, but i was testing if i could clone their voices using eleven labs..that part past the test! if you know the original movie, you will surely recognize their voices.. but with a new script ??!! :)

It is precisely this kind of optimism of a bright future I remember from the 90's, when suddenly everyone started using the Internet. Since then the notion of instant worldwide communication has lost its novelty, and people keep finding themselves in the same old restrictive and exploitative system as before. Now with blockchain technology and AI, this same flame is being rekindled. At the same time, however, we are facing global trends of censorship and manipulation that we need to counter with a conscious effort. So unlike 30 years ago, we need to embrace these new tools to actively fight for our freedom, and realize their potential for precisely that bright future we had been envisioning.

excellent and thoughtful text, which invites to look at the new technology its glories and mistakes, whose free will of the human being is to know how to use them for their own and common benefit, that is to act with an ecological conscience. thanks for sharing @eco-alex