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RE: Understanding Egotistic And Ambiguously Confused People And How They Can Undermine Our Relevance. What Effect Can This Bring Us?

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i love you brother.. so happy you continue to share and post with us on ecoTrain. This post has particular relevance to me right now, and it was inspiring and thought provoking to read it!

id like to ask you something! Theycallmedan is asking people to let him and everyone know what community they like posting to and why.I love how you write and Id be very happy if you posted why you like posting to the ecoTrain community. You can see his details here:

much love, keep sharing your perls of wisdom <3


@ecotrain is obviously the best community I love posting to, that's because it somehow seems like a community that aligns with the kind of content I write.
I was already thinking of the initiative before I saw your comment. I'll be sure to do that by tomorrow.

Thanks for all the support and I'm happy to keep sharing here as well. Thanks for loving the post, I'm glad you could relate

so happy to hear you resonate with us.. im feelin that and really enjoy your posts..

and thanks so much for sharing how you feel with dans initative.. much appreciated <3 your words will bring just the right kind of people to us ;-)

Of course, it's been awesome so far to find a like minded and great community such as @ecotrain and hopefully we can get more people to see the awesome work going on here.