ecoTrain Joins the OCD Community Incubation Program to bring YOU more rewards for posting!

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I'm very happy to announce that @ecoTrain are collaborating with the OCD curation team on our community posts! This is a great initiative led by @acidyo and the OCD team to bring more rewards and up-votes to great posts in niche communities. ecoTrain focuses on many topics relating to sustainable building and living, and we read and curate all posts in our community group. ecoTrain is all about natural giving, living in harmony with nature and making our world a better place. Here are some of the topics we support and curate on: "Sustainability, ecoVillages, Community, Self-sufficiency, Off-grid Living, Homesteading, Permaculture, Alternative Energy, Alternative Lifestyle, Natural Health, Cooking, Eco-Building, Earthships, Recycling, Esoteric, Inner Transformation, Spiritual, Nature". Changing the world starts with changing ourselves and the way we live, love, work and create together as communities.

There are no hard and fast rules as to which posts get curated by ecoTrain and OCD. We look for unique and original content written with passion and thought. We love personal stories, blogs, vlogs, photographs of your story.. and most things that you can not normally discover on the internet in general. The bottom line is if you write it with your heart then your post is likely to get our support!

Here is an exert from the OCD Post

Communities are a great tool and we as a curation project are happy to see them exist. When we launched the OCD community it made the life very easy for us because we were able to focus on the community and not miss a single post from curation. Our curators were still focusing on posts outside of communities but a few with me included were able to focus mostly on the OCD community and while curating what you wanted to see more of and ignoring or muting things you didn't want to see it improved the quality of content greatly and very quick. After discussing things with some people we started to realize that having general "all goes" communities such as OCD was not the best way forward to empower the platform, if sub-communities came to life it would've made it possible but it would have instead formed diverse big accounts or curation projects to do the same thing just in different places and that would have not been great for the general quality of the platform and stake being spread out all over the place. Instead we kind of deserted the OCD community and started focusing curation onto more unique communities focused on certain subjects. We are happy to see how much some of those have grown since then and are hopeful that we will see many more grow the same way over time. Having a diverse selection of different communities on the leaderboards will make the life of newcomers much easier to join the ones they are interested in and at the same time not be missed on their first posts because the curators and community owners and mods will be focused on checking each and every post that goes through their community. We are very excited to see how this will play out with an appreciating value of hive and an increasing inflow of new users and we want the communities to be ready to welcome them and give them attention.

More info:

There has never been a better time to post to ecoTrain! Please subscribe to the community and follow the simple instructions below to post if you have not done so before:

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Great news, a natural synergy there!

@tipu curate

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This is surely very promising for our community. Wonderful efforts Alex

Didn't knew about you... I realize it will be 2030 and I still be discovery super interesting people on HIVE =)

Great initiative! Good luck!