The Question Of The Week! Artificial Intelligence... The Beginning OR the End?

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Welcome back! TO this new QOTW! You know, last week I asked ChatGPT whether it knew about the ecoTrain or the QOTW. I was not expecting it to know anything about it, or the @ecotrain, but I was pleasantly surprised! If any of you have spent any amount of time trying out ChatGPT, you may be quite familiar with that experience... of being pleasantly surprised. Despite my very eco background and lifestyle, I'm slightly unusual because I'm also a total geek! I graduated life last year, turning the ripe age of 50 earth years in this body, and that came after several years of really doing no work at all... well I say that, I did a SHED load of inner work, but that's another story.

I can't remember exactly the day that I first discovered or used AI in its chat form, as GPT 3.5... but I can remember feeling a very prolonged and elated feeling of total bliss and joy. It's a bit hard to explain, but sometimes I see a very big picture, very quickly.. and so for me personally I was, let's say, extremely relieved that this thing was born... that is after many days, weeks, and months testing this thing in every way imaginable.

I have deep dived, and I understand now that whatever may or may not happen in the future, we can consider ourselves VERY lucky that things have panned out the way they have. If you would have asked someone 10 years ago, what is the best way that AI could develop so that it's least likely to become a total dominating and enslaving arm of the one Global Government, what would that look like? I would say it looks exactly like it does today.

"In the end, the entire Internet will just become a dataset for AI... who'd have thunk it?"

We saw Google go code red, very early on, and rightly so! GPT had just made Google almost redundant, and that's before we've even started making actual proper tools! Today we have some impressive alternatives such as Perplexity, which pretty much wipes the floor with Google.

But what really happened, what happened that really changed everything was something that we would never have expected, not this fast, or this easily. There were a few things that happened together, and one of them was the leak of one of Meta's early AI models. It's good to see the one and only Mark Zuckerberg shred his competition, in a crazy battle that is much like watching capitalism destroy itself. I mean, AI really has made a mockery of most of Capitalism already.. and we've barely even gotten started! Just wait until you can have a bespoke feature-length movie made for you, on the fly, by your own personal AI that knows you better than any film studio will ever be able to cater for.

But what really happened, that surprised just about everybody, was that people were able to train these models in ways and speeds and efficiencies that were never before thought possible. It gets a bit technical, but with advanced compression techniques like Quantization, we now have full AI models that are comparable and now some are even better than ChatGPT 3.5 (not yet 4 but it's coming soon). These models are just 10Gb in size and can run locally on your own laptop, offline, uncensored, and to tweak and tune to your own personal desires.

The point is, the CAT IS OUT OF THE BOX! Any attempt to try to stop AI would be the greatest mistake we could make because then only people with bad intentions would use it, and then we would have been doomed. You will notice that the calls to stop AI stopped about a week or two after a few prominent figures started the call. You will also notice that the only people you will see professing great fear and caution are people who used to work for large companies like Google... and who thought they would own and control the most powerful AIs in the world. but they very quickly learned that will not be how things pan out, and for that, we can be very grateful!

The result of all of this, we have free AI, for all, and decentralized. We can trust it because it's open source, and it's destroying all businesses that try to control or monopolize it. The calls to stop AI have ceased because right now we have around 80% of people trying to do good things, and stop bad people, and actually very very few people trying to do anything that bad at all...

With all that said, you never know what is going to happen, or quite where this path is leading us.. and THAT leads us to our very first Question Of The Week...

This is a fairly open-ended question, and you may, as always, answer it in any way you wish. What are your experiences with AI? DID you try it? Did you hate it? You are free to expand on the question with your own feelings and opinions.. and ultimately.. what do you think? IS this the beginning or the end!?

Now, here's another question.."ARE YOU ALLOWED TO USE AI TO POST ON THE QOTW?" As far as I am concerned, it's all Ok with me.. what matters to me is content! Did you actually write it and use AI to help you? Did you guide it, have a vision and refine and polish it.. or did you just copy n paste a bunch of extravagant, effervescent, tapistaric words? Well, I think it will be pretty obvious what it is, because it's a very difficult question to answer well with AI.. because I want to hear your opinions and feelings ;)

Speaking of which, I'd love to hear what you feel about using AI on Hive? I'm sure there's been a few debates about it.

If you would like to join us on this QOTW then post away! If you want anyone in the ecoTrain community to spot it, then please make sure you don't forget to post To the @ecoTrain community, and then share it to your blog for all to see.

If you are very lucky humour... your post will be featured in the QOTW Community Tie-Up Post that either I or AI will be handling... haha! I have to be honest, in the many years that I did the Question of the week, the hardest part was reading all the posts! I wonder how I can use AI for this tie-up post so that it's somehow interesting, and adds more value than me just reading and commenting, which I will also be doing.. let's see, I'm sure I'll come up with something..

The DEADLINE for your post is February 10th, 2024, which gives you a week to get your AI caps on and start deep diving! I'm very very very curious what you guys think because so many people are quite scared.. and I have to be honest, that makes me laugh.. but hey, maybe I'm crazy.. so I had better hear what you have to say!

I will no doubt be posting, and sharing more as I have really been deep diving into this, and would be happy to have the opportunity to rant on a bit more about it.. something I have not yet done apart from a few very cryptic quotes on FB.

If you have any questions, u know what to do! <3
See you on the other side!


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IS this the beginning or the end!?

It's the beginning and it will also end like every beginning. Welcome back.

Like any other tool, it's neither good nor evil. The good or evil it produces depends upon the one using it. I suspect that most people are simply playing with it for fun, or using it to look stuff up.

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Indeed. The problem is when people use it due to laziness and plagiarism just to earn some quick bucks. Ah theft with AI...

That is exactly why we need accurate AI checkers...


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Wow firstly welcome back, 🤗🙏🎉.
Great posts and thanks for the contest 😁.

!giphy welcome back


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Oh hey QOTW is back! Can't say I like AI at all tho, programmers are all irresponsible. 😂

 2 months ago  

thats true.. although, im a programmer and im not so bad :)

Lol ok good to know then.

I LOVE it! I'll definitely be writing for this one, for very personal reasons.
You'll see my contribution in the next few days. <3

Hi nice to these back, how is life...?

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