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RE: Switching to zero-waste dissolvable shampoo tablets

in ecoTrain5 months ago

...most of us in this community, are aware of the harm...

When I saw that line, I immediately checked again to be sure of the community this post was published in. Nice one from you all in ecotrain Community.

The cloth grocery bag looks very cool. I reckon it is reusable too.

This is a nice step to take towards reducing plastic wastes.


Hey there!

Yeah, for sure, thr cloth bags get used every week for groceries or whatever needs to be carried around :)

I like to think every little action counts and sometimes I even notice when people catch on and start using them. It's a great feeling.

Indeed, every step we take counts. We may not have huge impact at a god, but going one step at a time will make it happen sometime in the future.

You are doing amazingly well