How BITTER is your life to my FOOD from my GARDEN?

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Everyday we think about something to eat for us and for our family but if you have a mini Garden like what I have here, it is not difficult to think what you are going to prepare for lunch or dinner. The struggle is to your children! We all know that 75% of children around the world hate eating vegetables because of the strange taste!

We must teach them little by little the importance of eating vegetables and there are other ways in how they will like eating vegetables and its taste. Like when they are still months old or 1 yrs old, do not give them any food except vegetables and fruits until they reach 5 years old.

For non Asean, maybe you didn't know this? The tip of the leaf of squash can be eaten because it is young and soft. How to know? Check the color of the leafs if its "apple green color" then you can pick or cut it for cooking.

The vitamins that you can get are, Vitamin A, C, K, and Folate. There is also minerals that you can get such as Iron and Calcium and it is organic from your garden. Also the flower of the squash can be eaten and included to your cooking dish.

Also, the leaves of the bitter gourd can be use the same to the tip of the squash. Lucky, it bear more fruits and this is my 3rd harvest for this month.

It did not run to my mind that this bitter gourd plant will give more fruits to me. Actually, they are 3 bitter gourd plants and I did remove the 2 because I thought it will not grow and bear fruits but I was wrong. Now, everyday I did water sprinkler to its body and leaves during this summer to relieve the heat it feels.

Here is the fresh green leafy vegetables and its fruits and flowers. It was really feels good to have this kind of fresh crops came from your own garden and it makes me happy always!
Before we start, I would like to say that MUNG beans is included to our recipe that gave another taste and viscosity to it. Not only that, you can add dried fish or shrimp as you prefer.

The Final Count Down

For my side, I prefer to use pork meat than any dried sea food. Why? Because dried sea food are salty and I can't get the taste that I want. The taste is biting at pork meat after frying and have another taste and essence when you put in your dish with soup and boiled at least 5 to 10 minutes like what I am doing.

Ingredients? Very simple... Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Salt, Oyster Sauce or Ajinomoto, and 1tbsp of sugar for the taste! How? Pour all together in your pan except the onion stir slowly until the pork become brown, "no need oil if your pork has extra fats". Then the 1.5 liter of hot water. Let it boil for 5 minutes then pour the MUNG BEANS including the chop onion.

Stir the MUNG BEANS gradually then let it boil for another 5 minutes and cover! Add the sugar for the taste, then the leafy vegetables at the top and cover for 1 minute.

Do not stir...

Your done! Do you know that the leaves of Bitter Gourd can gives a bitter taste? But don't worry, not so bitter like your life right now?! LOL

That's it!!! I hope you like it, my BITTER LIFE... LOL

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Bitter will make you better.

If they will eat their own ego... 😁

Ego is worst than covid19 jejeje

Yes... 😂 Correct! 101% true! 😂

Wow! Love your garden. I plan to rebuild my little garden when I go back to Singapore

Anti stress... 😇

Having a garden could relieve your stress

10q% correct... I really love gardening...

oh yum doing same but mine ar eso much smaller right now!

This is our breakfast, lunch and dinner without rice or even bread. 😊 For my kids, they want only the soup of it to their rice plus fried egg. 😂

Yeah I also only eat plants

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From garden to table and lots of tips along the way! Looks wonderful.

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Fave yan ang anak ko, Kenneth :) Yum to the tum ;)

Mabuti pa yung anak nya favorite! Yung chkitng ko hate nila hehehe

Fresh and 100% no chemicals used in growing these veggie plants. It is very encouraging for a households to have one such this.

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Wow, all fresh! Am sorry but I do not much bitter gourd butbif like that my own produce, sure I will eat though bitter.