What Do We Fear, Why Do We Fear?

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I believe that Fear should be considered to be among the top survival instincts that we humans do have.

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Fear is a type of emotion which i believe can really be able to protect us from entering some certain dangers ..But fear can truly also prevent a person from achieving alot of things because it will make such person to become very afraid or scared to take some certain risks which could make their lives better..

Such example of fear that might make us to have limited success is the fear of failure , when a person is experiencing fear of failure it will make them not to be willing to take the steps that could make them succeed..

In my own opinion I believe that fear have its pros and cons but its cons are more than the pros , so I would prefer we avoid fear in our lives..

Fear is also not good for our mental health because fear do cause alot of insecurities and insecurities can definitely make a person to start feeling so very anxious and can lead to depression...Fear can have so much negative impacts on the mental health of an individual so that another great reason why i believe we need to avoid fear..

There are different factors that make people to fear which could be emotional factor ,the physical factor , the psychological factor or the biological factor.

An example of an emotional factor which causes fear is when a person have experienced a kind of a trauma before due to some past events e.g lost a loved one , had a very serious heartbreak..

An example of the psychological factor could be when a person is having the problem of low self-esteem..a person with low self-esteem will often experience fear in taking some certain decisions in their lives...

An example of the physical factor could be when a person have had physical experience with someone certain things and the experience was not pleasant and ever since then they tend to experience fear for that certain thing..for example someone who once had a serious car accident while travelling on a long journey might start becoming afraid to go for long distance journey by road because of the past experience they had while travelling by road..

An example of the biological factors could be a person who is suffering from some anxiety attacks, such people tend to get very scared quickly and so they experience fear often when there is nothing to fear..

As humans , we are biologically wired to experience various certain kind of emotions and fear is just one of those emotions so it is normal for a human to experience fear..

What do we fear?

There are no right or wrong answer to it because my own fear might be different from the fear of someone else , what I consider as fear might be what someone else consider as perfectly normal reaction to a situation..

But generally people have different fears for different things but I notice that one common fear that most people tend to have is the fear of death and fear of failure..

Fear of death is very common and the fear of failure is also very common too..


While fear helps us to avoid certain harmful situations, it also holds us back many times. We all struggle with making the mental leap to be brave and live the life of our imaginations. I suppose it helps to try to do little things we're afraid of each day in an effort to conquer our fears

I suppose it helps to try to do little things we're afraid of each day in an effort to conquer our fears.

Very true...it is a risk which is worth taking..

I fear becoming famous.

Fame comes with a price..

Yay! 🤗
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