ecoTrain QOTW: Do We Still Have Freedom Of Speech?

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The mainstream Social Media has been left right and center censoring a lot of stuff being put up these days. We never realized untill now and it has become so obvious that all these social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube were all planted by these elites who somewhere had the control agenda. The agenda of getting masses in their control blinding them with silly things that they want to promote and keep our consciousness sleeping, but never did they expect that the awakening will happen and people will wake up to their lies and flimsiness.


Freedom of Speech is at Threat like never before

Youtube, facebook and the other mainstream social media, the governments, news channels all seem to be on a war cutting out contents mentioning it violates their policy. They want to show and put up what pleases their agenda.
And what are their agendas?
To gain complete control over the masses. To bring the New World Order which is the UN agenda 21/2030
So let's see what are the goals that are a part of this agenda

  • One world government, cashless society, millitary, central bank
  • The end of national sovereignty
  • Population control - the depopulation agenda, topmost on the list
  • Mandatory vaccines
  • Microchipped society for complete surveillance
  • The end of indigenous life
  • The end of natural medicine

and a lot more. And if anyone thinks that we should not be pissed off with all of this and there is no problem if these come into practices then be prepared to not only sacrifice your freedom of speech but your overall freedom in general and be prepared to live a slavery life becoming puppets.
Few years back when my son was talking to me about few of these agendas, I used to tell him, that it is not possible that such things can happen at a global level. But now I feel concerned, now somewhere I realize that it is very much possible.

The latest David Icke broadcast was banned by all the mainstream medias. YouTube scrubbed away his work of 14 years, and why so. They clearly feel the threat that is approaching at a very fast speed.
If you thought that you have never had any issues in expressing then go all out against these guys and then wait and watch for the results.


What is the future that we want to live in?

Everything is not lost yet. While these people are trying to take away our freedom of expression there are alternatives that are coming up where we can still raise our voice.
One thing is for sure, if the evil exist and grows then there is going to be more awakening. Till the time we are in comfort zone this change will not happen, these alternatives will not happen, but the moment we see the carpet slipping from beneath our feet we will start to realize that it is time for us to wake up and do something to bring the change, to keep our freedom going on.
In the last couple of years more and more people have started joining social medias where there is decentralization, where one can express. And this clearly shows that we are not going to accept the crap.
Our bold actions today will decide our future.
People in Texas went all out on the streets demanding to arrest Bill Gates. In US there are massive movements happening around this. Major population are refusing to take the covid-19 vaccine. All of this clearly shows people have started realizing that their overall freedom is at stake and the wake up is very important.

How much are we prepared to stretch and sacrifice?

My son is very vocal and very active in various groups on this and sometimes as a mother I get concerned about his safety. But what he has to tell me is that if we keep quiet today our tomorrow will be nothing less then being alive dead.
Yes in this fight, how much are we prepared to stretch, if we oppose we definitely are in the scrutiny and danger in some way because we are not serving their agendas. There may be a point where they will start arresting people and putting them behind bars, they can beat us up for being vocal. So if you want to experience the real freedom of speech are you prepared to sacrifice.

Our Freedom of speech is being taken away more and more every single day. The social medias like FB and all will only entertain your rosy profile pictures, some shit which makes no sense and will encourage you to play some stupid games meaninglessly taking away your energy and draining you out. And people find this entertaining and get addicted to this type of stuff.

But lately I have seen many of my own friends who have turned to putting up content which exposes these elites, governments, bringing up things to light and this gives me hope that yes all is not yet lost and the good still prevails.

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I strongly agree with you mam and I don't want to live my future life like a living dead. 2030's is just a few sleep away.

Now everything become clearer, it's perhaps a CoVid-19 virus has been sent out to terrorized us and with the help of mainstream media to brainwashed us and conditions our head to receive the vaccine containing agent of de population.

Our time is now but the future is belong to our kids and grandkids. If we didn't made a sacrifice to preserve there freedom then they're suffered the consequences. They live a meaningless life, ended to become a walking dead.

 4 years ago  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes very true the actions we will take now will decide the future of the generations to come, and this is a long fight it has just begun.

We still consider minority but a united and like minded minorities is stronger than majority with different views and factions. We will start to save our future by writing on censorship resistant platforms.

Thanks for the informative post. This is really scary, there is something to think about.

 4 years ago  

Power post! i really feel you, and i hear you loud and clear! Cutting out our freedom to speak out make things Very easy for them to do as they please with almost no resistance.. and Still people will vote for them next time..

more of us are waking up.. yes.. we will get through this together <3

 4 years ago  

@porters here on behalf of @ecotrain - It is wonderful to have a son who is so involved so it keeps you informed (although I can see how it could be quite concerning!) I like to hope the awakening is growing in number and hope it will not be to late, that there is enough resistence so the powers to be do not completely take over!
Here's to awakening!

Keep up the great posts, blogging, photographs, vlogging & inspiration.
With Love From ecoTrain