@ecoTrain QOTW - Season 6 #2What do I do to keep my Spirits high in these challenging times.

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Yet another @ecoTrain QOTW which focuses on Mental Health.
Question Of The Week Season 6 #2: Stress Busting!


It's been a year to the craziness and yet we do not see any respite. Just when things seem to be getting settled there is an other outbreak. Lockdowns, mask, vaccines is all we have kept hearing about in the last 1 year, there are very few people who talk about focussing on good health and mental stability. The Governments seem to be hell bound on taking down our lives by spreading more and more fear, by crippling the economies, and leading to god knows what. Where and when will this all end. No one knows. No one anticipated that this will go on for such a long time. All thought that we will have some solutions in a few months time, but here we are after a year also in the same situation. In the recent times it feels like we are back to zero again. Worlwide governments are talking the same language. All they can think of is Lockdowns and Curfews.

If this was really the solution, by now things should have improved if not 100% atleast 50% or even 25%, but there seems to be no respite of whatsoever. And this really makes one feel, that they purposely do not want to end this. The moment people are getting comfortable, they bring up some or the other new strain and start with the chaos again.
Though not at large but people are waking up to this.
To deal with one pandemic, is it right to create so many other pandemics, is it justified in any way to destroy livelihoods of people, it is justified that in the name of securing health they are destroying mental health of people, is it fair that they are creating all these traumas in little children who from a very young age have started talking the language of lockdowns, mask, curfews, vaccinations.


For all the people who advocate on mask, let me tell you, it's been a year to this and I have not supported wearing mask. I do wear it just to keep myself safe from the police fines, because I do not want to fill up their pockets on my hard earned money. Yes I have been with people who have had Covid also without a mask. And I am safe. There is a possibility that in future I may get Covid, but that's not the end of the world for me, neither will my thoughts change on this.

Because I understand that the state of my health is in my hands and not in the mask or vaccine. I know what I have to do to ensure that I am healthy at all times. And my physical health will determine my mental health and v.v.

The mutation of this virus will keep happening, so even if we take a vaccine today it is not going to be of much help, and then an another vaccine and an other one and another. This is what they want, to keep the big pharmas earn like never before. So how many vaccines are we going to take. Already there are 2 and talks of third one is going on, and then the 4th and 5th and it will be like a never ending tale. This is what the Governments across the world wants, but do people really want this. We surely do not want this.

They have made the virus larger than it's life, by constantly putting fear through media. There are so many other diseases which are at a rapid rise, and no one ever counts on those numbers.
Now it is our own responsibility to get ourselves out of this, no matter wherever we are right now with our mental health, but we can improve, and bring ourselves out of this. But for the same, we first need to make a promise to ourself that we will work on our own health and be in complete charge of it, rather then giving away our power to the governments and media.


Right now the whole focus of people is on how this virus can be eliminated, and that's where we are all making a mistake, this is not going to go overnight, so we need to think of how we can contain this virus and carry on with our lives on normal basis. If we can understand this small thing half the chaos will be over. Now like wise, with all the madness the governments are doing, we know that there is no real solution that they are thinking of, so we ourselves need to understand that given the circumstances how can we still live our lives in a normal and healthy manner. If we will keep living in fear than we are all the more going to attract this virus more towards us. The major illnesses that we see now a days are cause by acute inflammatory response in the body. The stress levels, worries and fear blows it out of proportion which in turn results in to diseases like autoimmune disorders, cancer and what not.

It is important that in these times we do a little more research. If we study the virus numbers, they are more in highly developed urban areas, rather then small towns and villages, and the main reason for it is the lifestyle and the constant media feeding which spreads fears and creates anxieties.

So what do I do to keep myself safe and also be in high spirits?
Nasal Wash - Twice a day morning and night I do a warm water Nasal wash. This has been one of the most effective ways to keep away from this virus. The pathway for any virus to get into your body is through your Nose when you breath. If you keep that clean and clear, you are 99.99% safe for sure. I have not heard of a single case who have been following this practice and yet got the virus. If you do this not only the covid virus but you will never be down with cold and cough.
Drink only warm water - From last 1 year, this has been my practice, drink only warm water, or drink water stored in earthen pots. Both of them are effective in dealing with the virus.
Herbal Tea 3 cups a day with all the herbs that helps build up immunity.
Steam twice a day- Again to keep the nasal and throat clear from any virus.
No junk foodI have completely eliminated all junk, packed, preserved foods, which also includes all aerated drinks. This makes me feel very healthy. We have also replaced cooking oil to ghee in our kitchen.

Just some very simple things but very very effective to be physically healthy, as I believe that if I am physically strong, no matter even if I have a emotional turmoil, I will be able to deal with it with ease.


Now on the mental part of my health.

Meditation and Breathing No matter what daily 15 to 20 mins it is a must for me to do this.

Cut off myself from all the media I have completely stopped watching mainstream news channels. If anyone sends me any information on phone, I do not read and watch it. I do watch T.V. but I watch stuff on lifestyle, nature, travels. These are mood uplifting. You feel good and positive and not depressed after watching it.

Daily Nature walks This is also a must for me daily for 45 mins to an hour. Being in nature is very refreshing for the mind. If I feel low, this is one thing that instantly kicks up my mood.

Keeping myself engaged in work and creative affairs- I do not want to sit idle, specially now when movement is restricted it is important that we keep our minds active. I spend a little time on creativity to enhance my brain activity. Creativity does trigger the brain and enhances it in a positive manner.

I am finding myself more busy in this pandemic times, because I have taken up some additional projects. I want to keep my mind active and leave no room for thinking about the shit that keeps happening in the outside world.

I am not saying I do not go down. In-spite of all of this yes I do gown, but then I bounce back and get back to high energy levels also soon.

One thing we need to understand that now we are in such a state where we have to become conscious about our own-selves. Everyone is fighting a battle right now, so it's difficult to constantly keep getting help. People will help us to a point and then they will let us go if we do not rise.

If we all join hands together and with our own consciousness take charge of our health, we will be able to not only defeat the virus but all the government agendas attached to it. But sadly what we see is people dying to take vaccines rather then taking control of their health.

I know this post of mine sounds more of a criticism then giving solutions and talking good and sweet things. But I feel sad and pain when I see people blindly going with the government agendas. It's like most have lost their ability to think. It's been a year now and there is more then enough information out there around this. Now it depends on what we want to hear and see and follow.

Half the virus is in the mind, if we can deal with that the other half will be easily get taken care off. Stop feeling sad and sorry for the condition, There's no one coming from above as a savior like in movies. This is a nature's call to raise our consciousness, listen to it, attend it. Shape up to it or be ready for the consequences.

People tell me I am lucky to be Mentally and Physically Healthy. I tell them it's not luck, it's a Conscious choice and effort that I make for myself and we all have that freedom to do it for our self.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸


"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"


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We really do need to be looking after ourselves, our health has never before been under such attack. This plandemic has such devastating affects . Thank you for sharing all the ways in which you have been keeping well during this challenging time @nainaztengra xxx
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Thank you @trucklife-family, yes now we are reaching to a stage where one will need to tend to themselves as everyone is fighting some or the other battle of their own. It's going to be survival of the fittest.

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Thank you for this beautiful post! The response this week was... INCREDIBLE! Please do come and check out the tie up post which this week has all our points listed in bullet point style for quick and easy reading! Can you find your stress busting points in the list?! :)

SO please do drop by and leave a comment.. we always love to hear from you...


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Much love and hope to see you for the next QOTW!

I do the same, dear;)
and I totally support you about masks

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The world is going crazy on mask. It is so sad when I see parents force young toddlers also to mask up. I feel scared sometimes thinking of what life is gonna be like in future, because the way things are going it is really not favorable for common people :(

yes, Nainaz.. I watch many analysys and predictions based on facts about what will be soon, and it shocks me... though I still hope evil will lose...
kids in masks?? wow...I see it here too but only once or twice, and now people stop to wear them, slowly but at least, and when I see still some young people in masks walking in the desert street, I just don't understand if they are humans in general...