The path to richness, part 10 - Life tiself is the best proof

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In this series of 17 posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money.


I have been stressing here that it is critical to be in the consciousness of wealth in order to hold on to it, and that if a person receives a large sum of money without prior preparation then there is a high chance that the money will ruin their life. Some people refuser to accept this claim of mine and insist that once they are given $1M they will know how to handle it.

It was reported recently that a robbery case in the US was solved after 50 years. A bank clerk stole $215,000 in 1969 ($1.5M in today's value), and soon after the theft dissapared never to be found. One would think that the money put him on the right track but it was now revelaed that in 2014 the man experienced bankruptcy(!), later got sick with cancer and died.

Such stories, which happen frequently, prove us how important it is to focus on the inner-change before runnning after outer gratifications.

A five-decade-old mystery has been solved: this is what happened to one of the most wanted thieves in history



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This is so obvious that John spent the money recklessly leaving him in such condition which eventually claimed his life. We need to understand and be conscious of handling money and turning into wealth for us instead of looking at the immediate gratification which could ruin our lives.

Either he spent it recklessly or allowed people to take it from him.
In both cases he didn't have the conscuousness of abundance.

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You know the money which one didn't work hard for and just see it in a nonchallant way, he will spend it anyhow and before one know. The money is finished

Interesting concept.
I wonder how general it is. Like, a man who was working in construction for all his life, gained wisdom about the consciousness of abundance and suddenly won the lottery. Would he spend the money recklessly? 🤔

Great question! I would say that the wisdom combined with firsthand experience of working hard for his money would give him a good chance. Personally, back when I was young and my parents would give me things, I generally didn't value these things, both because I lacked the wisdom and I hadn't experienced what it meant to work for your money.

And I made it to part 10. Thanks for everything you shared. I am glad I read through. Please tag me to remaining 7 episodes, I'll be grateful. Thanks again. ❤️❤️