The path to richness, part 14 - One shirt or ten?

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In this series of 17 posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money.


Actually, and as much as I would speak about the consciousness of abundance, wealth is ultimately a tangible and measurable matter. Since man is a rational creature he asks himself, even covertly, 'what do I get out of this?', Or WIIFM = what's in it for me.

So in this post I will give you something to do for your personal abundance, an action that will take you out of the comfort zone, and you will check with yourself how easy it is for you to do it and what it makes you feel.


'Money attracts money'

There is a lot of truth in this principle and not because rich people socialize with people like them. The world is a very orderly place where consciousnesses join consciousnesses similar to them. For every tangible thing, perceived by our senses, there is a conscious parallel in another dimension of reality. Every person surrounds himself with objects, which of course also have consciousness, and accordingly attracts consciousnesses (= people, objects, experiences) that correspond to the consciousness of what is already surrounding him. He does not have to do anything because this attraction acts like a magnet, by itself and naturally. Thus, if man surrounds himself with the consciousnesses of abundance he attracts abundance. This is a basic principle in the construction of reality.

And here's where you can apply this idea to your life -

Years ago, as a student on a basic scholarship living in Geneva, Switzerland, I stumbled upon a fancy clothing store in one of the city's main shopping malls. A young salesman approached me and offered me a blue polo shirt. I felt the delicate fabric, ran a caressing hand over the fine stitching and felt this was the shirt I wanted. I looked at the price and knew that for the same amount I could buy ten simple polo shirts, of inferior sewing quality and material, that would serve me well for about a year before being thrown in the trash.

what would you do? One fine polo shirt or ten simpler ones?


credit: unsplash

The question does not have to remain hypothetical. Here's a challenge for you - is there anything you plan to buy soon (clothing item, bedding, glasses, electrical product)? Go to the store, or browse the online site, go through the catalog and feel which product makes you feel uplifted, a pleasant feeling of expansion, and then examine its price. If it is high, beyond what you thought you would spend, you will have to make a decision, this product or ten that are similar to it but of lower quality.🤔

An expensive product carries energy of abundance for several reasons. The quality of the raw materials, the cost of the work, its price and especially the perceived value that you and the society attach to it.

And the idea is that once a product of abundance is in your home it serves as a magnet for the consciousness of abundance. The more objects with the energy of abundance, the greater the magnetic power. Thus, your personal reality will change faster (subject to the other laws of abundance I detailed in previous posts). And vice versa - a bad product, which does not carry a consciousness of abundance, will attract similar consciousnesses that will keep you away from abundance.


That innocent-looking polo shirt served me well for many years afterward. It was hard for me to say goodbye to it because even after dozens of washes it looked like new. The 250CHF I paid for the shirt have repaid themselves ten times since then but mostly taught me an important lesson about the consciousness of abundance.

It is important to pay attention to what we surround ourselves with, which stuff we allow to be in our environment of reality. It starts with the objects we use, goes on to the food we put into our bodies (junk food has a different consciousness from gourmet food), and ends with the people we associate with.

When you hear that rich people are spending a fortune on a Rembrandt painting, or buying a wallet for a hundred-thousand dollars, or a tie for 400 euros, and you say to yourself "they're crazy, throwing their money in the bin", then think again. Those people understand that buying expensive things is an investment. They are actually purchasing another magnet for abundance.

And so, money is drawn to money.


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 last year  

I have been going through a similar mental state right now and thinking in almost in same terms. Actually what this pandemic has done to my financial state has left me with nothing much so I am cutting short on my expenses, therefore more worried about one v/s ten. I have opted for 1/10 and reduced my expenses to bare minimum.


The pandemic indeed changed a lot for many. I would say that we are lucky to have this option to look deeply within us and release what serves us no more. Tnx for your valuable comment. 🙏

 last year  

Those people understand that buying expensive things is an investment. They are actually purchasing another magnet for abundance.

I believe this is a true fact that will be useful and helpful in moving forward in life which I really appreciate and thanks for sharing.

Yay! 🤗
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