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Hey guys I'm nuberry, it's my first time posting in this community.
I work in a Diagnostic laboratory here in Nigeria.
Few days back,I had this beautiful couple work into my office, they had this cute baby boy of about 11month with them. Their countenance wasn't bright, one could easily tell cos they weren't looking at each other.


They sat down waiting for their turn to be attended to. They was no communication between the two adults sef for the baby. Time came for the couple to be attended to,I gave them the request form and the requested for a Genotype confirmatory test for the three of them.
I got them registered and sent them into the phlebotomy unity for sample collection. Their samples were taken and sent to the laboratory for investigation.


In about two hours, their results were out so I had to type, then I saw something that made my jow drop😲😲😲,the Man's Genotype was "AA", the wife "AS" the baby "SS". I went to the Medical laboratory scientist to confirm if there was a mistake but he told me he had repeated that investigation more than twice and it came out same, it's the result in his words.


I printed and handed over the results to the couple, the man said he needed an explanation so I referred him to the scientist for answers.
They went in and came out with doll faces, apparently the scientist told them some thing was wrong some where. A normal genotypic ratio of parents With AA crossing AS won't give SS, then the man started drama, asking the wifey where she got the child from.
The lady didn't respond was just quite.
The man said it all started when their baby had crises and was rushed to the hospital, the doctor said he needed blood after some investigation was carried out and the child was confirmed to be "SS".
They were asked to carry out a Genotype test which they told him they did before they got married and came out clean.
The doctor insisted de carry out another to be sure. The did and had the same has the former, the decided to come for a confirmation which still came out the same.
After the story given by the man, we didn't know what to say.
We asked them to go back and meet the Doctor.

What would you have done?


Sounds like a disaster. I guess there's a lot of confessing that needs to happen for this family. Poor baby

True, there's a lot yet to be unfold, it's really a disaster