Growing Lima Beans in the Permaculture Garden

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Weather means more when you have a garden. There's nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans.Marcelene Cox

A few days ago, my sister bought me Lima Bean seeds.

I personally don't know what its harvest will be used to since we haven't yet cooked Lima beans before.

Locally, it is called Patani, judging by the sample photo, it looks like snap peas, but with larger seeds and will turn dark brown when dried.

I asked my mom, she said the young bean pods can be used in Sinigang or sour soup and the mature beans can be used in meat stews. It would be interesting to add Lima beans in our pantry soon.

I planted it in the raised beds near the older trellises where the passionfruits and Sikwa vines are currently growing.

It should be ready for harvest in about two months after sprouting.

I toured around the food forest, just checking how the tree seedlings are doing. Not good, but not so bad. The recent floods really put me on lazy mode, plus it will still randomly flood through the property until early next year.

Most of the older seedlings transplanted earlier this year are already at shoulder-level while those transplanted at the middle of the year are at waist-level. All of it is still recovering and growing more roots, but in a year or so, it will begin growing upwards faster.

I also visited my purple Taro garden to collect young suckers. It is a low maintenance crop that can multiply three times within six months. The only requirements are having it planted on wet, but loose soil to grow big corms.

The young Taro suckers were transplanted at the permaculture garden extension to replace the native Taro variety which can cause allergic reaction and itch when the skin will touch its sap.

I also propagated more Siete Flores sweet potato variety at the permaculture garden. It is an older variety that grows well, but are usually small versus the new hybrids.

Before I left, I harvested the remaining ginger plants and washed them at the nearby water fountain. It's not much versus the earlier harvest but still okay because I already sowed 100+ rhizomes for the next year's harvest.

Ginger is super expensive now, a small ginger about the size of a thumb is already 0.09 USD (1 USD = 57.41), but that's the retail price already. It's not about inflation actually, it's more of the recent typhoon devastations that limit the supply of ginger nationwide.

Lucky for those who buy from me, I sell it at half the farm gate price, since I don't really have any overhead cost other than the time I spend gardening and walking.

I still have a few more months before I can grow more vegetables again, I'm really excited to grow cucumbers again.

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I hope your lima beans grow faster so you'll have something to munch on like a crunch crunch

HAHAHA I'm planning to grow broad beans too, not so sure where I can buy seeds for planting. Broad beans are used on Halo-Halo chicheria btw.

I thought it's the same beans😹😹 so i'll just eat halo-halo then before the harvest😸