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RE: Understanding Egotistic And Ambiguously Confused People And How They Can Undermine Our Relevance. What Effect Can This Bring Us?

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Lolzzz..i can really relate to this post. Got experience in things like this. For example, my music director will always tell me I play rubbish when I was learning the piano. This can really have two effect on a person. It can either kill the zeal, or challenge you to do more. And I guess him knowing I am that kind of person that loves challenges, I just wanna prove him wrong. It was later on he had to confess to me I had been doing so great from day one but he wouldn't want me to stop the work because someone had praised me that I was doing fine. He wanted me to be better.

Nice post man. ..always learning something new each day from you


I'm glad you're getting to learn a lot. Well truth is your music teacher might have just been wrong. Sometimes it takes us being close to the right people to understand our worth. Thanks for the comment Man