A months worth of rain & hail in a few hours

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Just a quick update to say that after four days without any water in our village the taps started working again this morning and I could literally hear the sigh of relief from the people here who were starting to grow agitated, pacing the streets like they didn't know what to do. Any longer and things may have turned nasty!

The canal was working intermittently in this period so it wasn't too bad really. In fact, it was quite fun!

Brought a whole new definition to bath time.


Yep, we bathed in the canal.


And it was cold ;)

IMG_5969 2.jpeg

So the rain came today and so did the hail.

The hail stones weren't too big but they were forceful.

You can see here how they have punched holes in the leaves of our courtyard fig tree.


I've not yet been to the garden but I fear the worst for my mustard & rocket which is still very small. One direct hit and the stalks snap.


Anyway, it is what it is.

Worth noting this is an agricultural region dominated by its wine production and speaking to a wine producer this afternoon he was almost in tears because the grapes were nearly ready and now most of them will be damaged. The apples too will have blemishes, making them unsellable.

So, just another string to the bow of that perfect storm which is bringing global famine faster than ever.

I also wanted to tell you that despite the water cut being over we have been warned by the Mayor that the problem was create by us the people! He says there are too many people in our village all using more water than normal and this put excess pressure on the pipes causing them to break. So, while the problem has been fixed for now he was basically saying we can expect further problems like this in the future if the number of people here doesn't decline.

His statement fits perfectly with the goals of the WEF, to get people out of the country into the cities. Where the herd can be better managed.

Right, that's it for now.

Love & Light everyone 🌱



That's truly a farmer's heart, it can be whatever emotion inside, but it is what it is. 😅

I remember my late grandpa in tears after a super storm came just before harvest time, what a pain to see all of the capital and hardwork go to nothing.

I'm not really a farmer yet but I'm getting there ;)

I remember my late grandpa in tears after a super storm came just before harvest time, what a pain to see all of the capital and hardwork go to nothing.

Can only imagine how tough that must be.

These days one must be prepared for extreme weather and protect their crops accordingly. I actually have a hail cover for my baby plants but was unable to get there quick enough. The hail came so suddenly and unexpectedly.

Better to be a Barefoot-SunGazing-Warrior in a garden... Than a farmer in a War ;)

Have you ever read the story of Prince Siddhartha? There is a perfect message in there, in relation to a competition he had to attend, long before he became Buddha. He was competing for his wife's hand in marriage, as was tradition at the time. His father the King was stressing out because Siddhartha never did any training for the competition (unlike the other suitors). But when the day came for the competition he aced it all. Archery, tree cutting & wild horse taming. So it wasn't about the physical aspects of his body, but the contents of his heart & mind. And also his connection with nature, which worked with him to achieve his goal. Just living his life in the way to which he was accustomed kept his body in shape & his mind ready for any challenge it was presented with. Am reading the story to my family at the moment. One chapter a night. So many nuggets of truth in there.

I have downloaded the .pdf you Telegram'd... and started reading :) :) :)

The weather brings both good and bad news at the same time. We are anxious about flooding along the river as the dams in Laos have released excess rain water downstream.

Those old pipes would deteriorate any way and they need to be replaced or repaired; they have expired dates too.

The canal looks great for kids. That banana tree is doing very well after the rain.
Hope there’s more rain but no more hail!


Exactly right! The pipes just need upgrading but that would cost a lot of money. Easier just to tell the people to reduce their water consumption.

Sorry to hear about the flooding. Am sure you will find a way to get around any whatever problems may arise.

My gardens are pretty trashed after that hail but yes, I would welcome more rain which let's me off my watering duties.

All the best!

They won't let a crisis go on too long or people have to start thinking and doing things for themselves.

Good point! They will just test us with little water & power cuts for now, always giving it back after a few days so this feels like the norm. Before the BIG ONE which will likely last much longer. And no one will be prepared. Except us ;)

whatever happens, we can adapt and thrive.

Nice to see that the drought has finally broken. And what the mayor says seems to go along perfectly with the water cistern: get off the grid as much as you can, and you won't have to worry about these kinds of water shortages. Likewise, that way they won't have an argument that you are using too much water (... though this last part may actually work out to be itself a problem).

Hey bro. Yes, the weather has changed dramatically in the last few days. It is pretty cold now with a lot of storm clouds around. And super windy! My garden is trashed after that hail. Bit depressing to be honest. But yes, it is a lesson for the future. Must find way to protect plants from hail!

Certainly the goal is to get off the grid as fast as possible and be done with all this madness. Just baby steps for now...

Hope everything is great with you!

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