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People's careers are a bit different from the people in the city. They do small things. That is the source of their livelihood. The people of the village are very simple in nature and even very religious. They have a deep faith in religion. Here Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Muslims live together nicely in the morning. Here they have their own way of thinking. Everyone keeps all the religious news of their respective religions. No one interferes with religious festivals. Everyone lives together in the village as one family.


Someone's standard of living is a little better here, but it's a little lower. However, forgetting all the differences, they live side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and stand side by side in happiness, sorrow, danger and joy. According to nature, people have many dreams, hopes and aspirations around the God-given nature of Maya. We love our village all the time. We like our village very much. We go to school together with our friends from the village. Our village has two primary schools, two high schools, a madrasa, a Hafezi madrasa. School-Madrasa and Hafezi Madrasa Many boys try to improve their quality of life by studying. There are many such educated semi-educated people in the village.



Forgetting all the differences together, all the ego leaves the ego and lives together. I like living in the village a lot. The magic of nature draws us to it. We are fascinated by the beauty of nature. So I tried some natural beauty there with my friend Apple and some pictures of it were captured by Amin on my mobile phone. Couldn't capture all the scenery on camera. In the future, if Allah helps, keep me healthy and keep me safe before beautiful, then I will try to share some more natural beauties of the village with my friends by capturing them on camera. Our village tells us that like our mother, our mother nurtures us with love and affection, just as nature gives us the opportunity to live in our village with everything.



In fact, very few people who do not have the love of nature fall in love with almost every human being, maybe a little more or less, but either every human being loves nature. Love for nature, compassion, everything is given by Allah. May Allah give us all the opportunity to live together in our village, Sundar Babu, and give us the opportunity to move forward in harmony, overcoming all obstacles. Many people in our village work in agriculture, some in fish farming, some in business, some in crop production, many try to improve the quality of life by running cattle farms, poultry farms. Even if one person works, at the end of the day, everyone joins in the same queue, everyone talks about caress, love and affection.


So far today I have shared with you. I will try to come up with many more beautiful new topics in the future. Until then everyone will be fine. And support me and encourage me to do something new, I said goodbye here today. God bless you.

Thanks to all my best friend 💐

Regards @Sppriya