5 Curb-Salvaged Items Diverted From Landfills & Sold For $1,910 Cash (177 Pounds)

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Dear Everyone,

I’ve had a bit of a mental block on posting for a bit, but will try to get back on the wagon.

Most importantly, I’ve been religiously salvaging, reselling, donating and gifting during this time.


Here are five items I salvaged from my curbs to divert them waste processing centers and landfills.

As you’ll see, the stuff I find is no joke.

Ok. Ready, set, go.




This Chanel gold-toned faux pearl station necklace was found in a garbage bag with lots of other gold and silver jewelry.

I sold it for $340 cash to an EMT. I also upsold her some magnetic empty Chanel boxes for another $60, to net $400 cash on a pickup at 1AM outside of a Taco Bell!

Proof of jewelry:


The silver toned round brooch is also Chanel. The bracelet underneath it is Tiffany sterling silver with 18k gold accents. Almost all is sterling silver or gold, except the dual snake lariat.

They also toss an external hard drive (among plenty of other items), so I could see all of their family photos to verify that they’re rich and extremely lazy to toss all of this out.

The Chanel necklace weighed about 2 ounces, and the medium boxes with several Chanel purse dust bags weighed about 4 pounds total.



I sold these Widex Bluetooth hearing aids for $600 cash. I found them in their black case in the rain, but was lucky enough to have the other elements available from a previous find to combine for a professional presentation. All I had to do was remove the label from the other product to make the box generic, while the standard paperwork and cleaning tools were sealed.

I just sold these 2 days ago, so I remember that this set weighed a whopping 5.5 ounces.



I found this Litter-Robot Connect 3 in a black trash bag (also inside a clear bag) simply by identifying its familiar shape. I couldn’t find the litter tray, but had an extra one in a different color I added to complete it. It sold for $360 cash.

This is the 5th or 6th one of this model
I’ve sold…


Recycled weight of 24 pounds.



This adjustable Varidesk dual monitor adjustable desk top was found on top of a table outside my ATM machine. It was starting to rain, so I diverted my other errand to lug it home. This was annoyingly lopsided to stand up in my apartment and took up way too much room. I kept it anyway because it was heavy and worth the impact. It eventually sold for $100 cash.

Salvaged weight of 52 pounds, a big win.



Speaking of weight, I sold this Italian Ligne Roset leather armchair for $450 cash. It was worth more, but I needed the space.

I found it in near flawless condition in a trash pile and brought it to my storage unit. This went to a resident doctor a few states away whose family had a pickup truck to drive it over to him.

Salvaged weight of 95 pounds. This was a beast.


Let’s review:

  • 5 items sold for $1,910.
  • All cash.
  • Weight saved: ~177 pounds.
  • Cost of items/repairs: 1 cab ride with the chair for $10.

**Thousands upon thousands of pounds saved over the years. Please let this motivate you to save a few pounds today.


If you're seeing my recycling post for the first time, the “value” in it isn't in the entertainment from the handful of items I show as saved/sold. It's from the passion and hustle I consistently exhibit offline to produce items for posts, and my goal of motivating others to address our global waste problem.

Thanks as always for your interest and support.

Please reuse, repurpose and recycle. If you aren't able, then donate them to shelters, churches, or thrift stores.

**Please follow my new account on Instagram. Enough of my friends pushed me to join and I can use the boost.

Thank you,


It does seem like a long time since you last showed us some of the items you've come across. Good stuff. I gave your Instagram a follow.

Thank you. I've been scoring plenty of stuff, but just a little burned out on the crypto side.

This is just crazy!!!!

I save such a tiny fraction of what's out there in my city. If I covered more terrain than my immediate neighborhood, I'd use all of my resource credits trying to blog about it.