If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?EQW week#22

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First of all, I would like to thank the @ecotrain community and the administration for giving us the opportunity to write on this topic. I will express my ideas in terms of my beliefs ... and I think it is wonderful to be a human being as a human being that we are discussing this issue and exercising our right to be human.

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ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?


As human beings, if we look at the extent of universe, then this universe is very big. And within this universe, we human beings are among the most honorable creatures of the universe. If I ask myself today what I want to be, if I want to be born again as a human being in this world or in some other corner of this universe, my answer would be this. I wish to be born as a human being.
Why is my answer in YES?
We humans have the ability to think and then understand education. We humans are the best of God's creatures. Because we have knowledge. And thanks to this knowledge, we determine a better way of life by asking and answering questions from each other and then drawing better results from these questions and answers.

If we believe in the light of knowledge, then this knowledge brings us to the best level of human beings. As a human being, on the basis of knowledge alone, I have superiority and superiority over all other living beings.
But the question is whether my life after death and before death, my life revolving around this life and the axis of this life is giving me satisfaction and whether I will give priority to this life again after the death of my birth.
They all have a question. If we look around us, we see daily and observe very closely that human beings are being born. And somewhere people are dying. This process of birth and rebirth continues.
But every human being has a different religion and concept of living and after death.
But I don't care who belongs to which religion.
But as a Muslim, I believe that my life is a test and that my life has a purpose. The purpose of my existence is to treat goodness and humanity with kindness. And the purpose of my life is to preach peace and good deeds and the purpose of my life is to walk on the straight path. And the rest of mankind has to be guided to walk on the straight path.
Light and darkness can never be equal. Darkness and light are opposite.
Light is a symbol of success, goodness and piety. While darkness promotes the ideas of fear and terror within man.

If we consider, some people are powerful. And some people are weak in this world. In our society, some people work day and night and some people are born with a golden spoon. Some are co-workers and some are living a life of slavery. Some people are massacring human beings. And some of us are serving humanity.
No one has bread to eat or clothes to wear.
But some people change their clothes ten times a day.
Some people are living a life of luxury.
There are many people here who sleep on the streets every day.
And some have heavenly palaces.
Is everyone happy with this life as human beings and do we understand?
Life after death will be the same for everyone.
Dear friend, this life is both a game and a test. Because we have to win this life. The One who created us and made us human beings pairs and then created us from human pairs.
One day we have to meet this Creator. And then we have to give an account of our life after death.
Many people like me want to live a good life. Everyone wants to live a life of luxury.
Everyone wants to look healthy.
But some people are born sick. Some are born and die.
Thus the way of life of every society is different.
In this way, whatever society we belong to and whatever religion we belong to, death will come upon us.

But death will come to the weak as well as to the ruler.
After death, my life will be reckoned with. If I live my life according to God's commands, I will have a better reward for this life. And as a Muslim, I have faith and belief. My life after death will be much better than this life because my life is a test and the test is how I lived this life as a human being. What have I done for the good of humanity in this life?
Can the learned and the ignorant be equal?
Can animals and humans be equal?
Then I believe that a man who has spent his whole life in the service and goodness of humanity.
And a person who has treated people with honesty and justice.
And he will not be rewarded for his deeds after death.

how it is possible. Today, when we work hard, we have in mind that if I work hard, I will succeed, if I don't work hard, failure will be my destiny. Thus this life is the name of hard work.
And death is the fruit of that labor.
One person steals. Oppresses people Spreads terror within society. Oppresses people And how is it possible not to be held accountable after death?
If that were the case, then every human being would use the path of oppression and then this human settlement would be worse than the animal settlement.
We are human beings and we want success in both worlds.
And the journey to success can only begin with justice.
When the concept of reward and punishment.
How We Lived After Death and Before Death Punishment is the beauty of life
I believe that life after death has been made very beautiful by our Creator for those who do good deeds.
And life after death will not be good for those whose actions were a sign of corruption, hatred, oppression and terror in society.
Because this life is both a game and a test.
If the oppressor is powerful today, then after death the oppressor will surely get revenge for his oppression. The oppressed will get justice.
Because if the oppressor fears punishment, he will repent of the oppression.
Therefore, this life is a test. And he who passes this test will live a much better life.
If I have been ruled in this life and someone is enslaved, then as a ruler I will be asked after death. How much justice I did as a ruler and paid the rights of the people or not.
The tyrant ruler will have to give an account of his oppression. And the just ruler will get a better reward for his good governance. And it is this concept that makes our lives and these priests the cradle of peace.
This act of retribution also gives us the idea that the one who runs this system of priests is its creator. The heights of the heavens and the desert rivers, the charisma of nature, the joys and sorrows are all human beings.
We humans are not animals and no human being desires the life of animals.
I want to make my life successful in both worlds and the success of my life after death depends on my life.
If I lived this life on humanity and the straight path, my life after death would be very beautiful and very beautiful.
And that is the concept of paradise.
And if I live this life in a cruel and wicked way, my abode after death will be hell.
And no one wants to go to hell.
Heaven is the reward for good deeds and hell is the reward for bad deeds

So this life is a test.
And I want to live as a human being even after death and seek heaven because heaven is more beautiful than this world. Heaven will be given to the one whose character is good. And for the one whose character is based on oppression, that life is painful Will be.
This is my faith Because only the concept of punishment and punishment can create peace and tranquility in life and society.
I want to live my life as a human being because human beings are the most noble creatures. Based on knowledge

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