POWERCLUB CONTEST : Join PowerClub and win HSBI and Scrap Tokens

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Welcome back,

I am here with a contest for everyone on hive blockchain. This is going to be a very easy contest where i am going to share 2 HSBI and 200 scraps token to the winner of this contest.

I would want to get help from Powerclub community here and i will talk about that later part of the blog.

Rules : How to participate in the contest?

This time it is going to be very easy, to participate you have to :

  • Join Power Club and invite one of your friend to join power club as well.

  • If you are already a member then bring one of your friend here and tell us about that in the comments.

  • Make a comment if you are new joining the community.

  • Reblog this contest post so that it reaches to more and more people.

  • That's all you have to do for participating in the contest.

Rewards of scraps

I have 200 scraps that will be multiplied by 5 if we get 20 entries. So if somehow 20 people participates in the contest i will increase the prize pool to 1000 sraps.

There will be 2 HSBI one given to each random person selected from the number of people who participates in the contest.

Again if there comes 20+ people i will increase the HSBI rewards to 4 HSBI's.

Scrap Prize distribution


Every person who participates will recieve equal amount of scraps from the pool. Be it 200 or 1000 scraps it will be distributed equally.

That is all about the contest and i hope everything is clear to the readers. Go ahead and participate and make sure to share the contest with your friends.


I will be happy if anyone wants to sponsor us with any rewards as sponsorship. I will update about that in my blog so that everyone who participates know about the changes.

Thank You


I have already joined, i invite @kahkashan, @md-rayyan, and, @catharsis.

Thanks for inviting me .. just i follow the chain and do invite my one of best friend. Hope you gonna enjoy @abfarhan


I'm a member here and I invite my friend @charliechain to join PowerClub and participate in this contest.

Hi I invite @chidistickz to this wonderful community.

Thanks for organising a contest here, We are adding 100% votes to people winning HSBI's and to all the other participants we add 25% upvote on their comments.

@powerclub, the HiQ Smart Bot has recognized your request (1/1) but the mana is too low. Try again later.

As a consolation, @theindiantrader gets !PIZZA from @hiq.redaktion.

For further questions, check out https://hiq-hive.com or join our Discord. And don't forget to vote HiQs fucking Witness! 😻

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