3D Printer Alive Again

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Hi. I had some problems with my resin printer for a while now. I would get random failed prints with some bits missing. I've tried a few different solutions but had really hard time diagnosing the problem. I thought that might have been an issue with my fep film being old and rough, so I replaced it after which... it got even worse.

Recently though I got it fixed. The problem disappeared after I loosened the fep film's tension and replacing the usb stick I used to transfer data between pc and the printer. Not sure which of the two helped but I'm just happy I can print again :)

bounty huntr.jpg

axefork (1).jpg

Look at him go!

axefork (2).jpg
I even tidied up my little printing spot to make this photo. Just for you!


I also noticed that our 3D printing group got a bit quiet recently. I am curious what you've been up to recently and am looking forward to seeing your latest sexy 3D prints.

Thanks for stepping by!


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AJAJA que buen oque te hayas tomado el tiempo de ordenar para dar una buena imagen jajaja amigo que buen oque lo hayas podido solucionar lo más probable es que haya sido la SD a veces se corrompen a mi hace poco me paso con mi impresora FDM asi que compre varias memorias para tener por las dudas ya que tengo 3 impresoras y una cortadora laser que usan SDs

Sí, mi escritorio estaba muy desordenado, así que fue una buena excusa para solucionarlo :) Antes tuve problemas con esta unidad usb cuando la conectaba al ordenador, pero nunca pensé que pudiera ser la causa de los problemas de impresión. Al menos he aprendido algo útil.

Wow, that resin printer has a tiny footprint. I actually didn't know they came that small. That's really neat! Your prints have so much detail in a little package.

Yeah, this one has 4.7" x 2.6" x 6.1" (120 x 68 x 155mm) printing volume. Definitely made for printing smaller things. There are models available now that are over 8 times bigger. I will get there someday ;)

That volume is impressive. Yeah, for sure you'll get there. Gotta start somewhere, right? : ) I can only imagine how epic your bigger scale models will be.

Thanks mate, I appreciate that!

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