We Need Your Help for the Earthquake in Turkey - Türkiye'de Yaşanan Deprem İçin Yardımlarınıza İhtiyacımız Var

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Hello to all of you, there have been some terrible things happening in my country lately. Our country is experiencing very big earthquakes one after the other. There have been about 210 earthquakes in the last 24 hours. You can check this site. My girlfriend @ezgicop was also in the earthquake zone. She is in good health now, but her house is badly damaged. She is currently staying in another house of a neighbor far away from her home. I try to be in constant contact with her and keep her morale high. We are both very psychologically affected.


At the moment level 4 alert has been declared in our country. So we are accepting international aid. I will share with you some images from the earthquake.





These images show how scary the earthquake was and how much help the people there need. Now I am asking you for help for my country. I know that Hive has changed people's lives. So far, many aid projects have been successful. All the proceeds from this post will be sent to the earthquake victims. I will also forward any Hive or HBDs you send me to the earthquake zone. Every Hive or HBD is required. If we can save one person's life there, it will make all the difference. If we can make sure that one person has a warm meal, it will be worth it. Please don't forget to reblog this post so that it reaches more people.

I will send all the proceeds of this post to Ahbap, Turkey's most trusted charity platform, with the note that it was sent from the Hive blockchain platform. You can research Ahbap at https://ahbap.org/



Hepinize merhaba, son zamanlarda ülkemde çok berbat şeyler yaşanıyor. Ülkemizde üst üste çok büyük depremler üst üste yaşanıyor. Son 24 saatte yaklaşık 210 tane deprem oldu. Bu siteyi kontrol edebilirsiniz. Kız arkadaşım @ezgicop de deprem bölgesindeydi. Kendisinin sağlık durumu şu anda iyi ama evinde büyük hasar var. Şu anda evinden uzakta bir komşunun başka bir evinde kalıyor. Ben kendisiyle sürekli iletişim içinde olmaya çalışıyorum ve moralini yüksek tutmaya çalışıyorum. İkimiz de psikolojik olarak çok etkilenmiş durumdayız.


Ülkemizde şu anda 4. seviye alarm ilan edildi. Yani uluslararası yardımları kabul ediyoruz. Sizinle depremden bazı görüntüleri paylaşacağım.





Bu görüntüler depremin ne kadar korkutucu olduğunu ve oradaki insanların ne kadar yardıma ihtiyacı olduğunu gözler önüne seriyor. Şimdi sizden ülkem için yardım istiyorum. Hive'ın insanların hayatını değiştirdiğini biliyorum. Bugüne kadar birçok yardım projesi başarıyla gerçekleştirildi. Bu postun gelirinin tamamı depremde zarar gören insanlara gönderilecektir. Ayrıca bana gönderdiğiniz Hive ya da HBD'leri de deprem bölgesine ileteceğim. Her Hive veya HBD gerekli. Orada bir kişinin hayatının kurtarılmasını sağlarsak emin olun bu her şeyi değiştirecektir. Bir kişinin sıcak bir yemek yemesini sağlarsak bu her şeye değecektir. Lütfen bu postun daha çok insana ulaşması için reblog etmeyi unutmayın.

Bu postun bütün gelirlerini Hive blockchain platformundan gönderildiği notuyla Türkiye'nin en güvenilir yardımlaşma platformu Ahbap'a göndereceğim. Ahbap'ı https://ahbap.org/ bu siteden araştırabilirsiniz.

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I sent you some help in my name and the Cuban community. We hope everything gets better soon. Stay safe 🙏

Thank you so much bro 🙏 Every help is appreciated.

This is truly sad. Here is my modest contribution. Just stay strong. My embrace to the Turkish people.

 last year (edited) 

Thank you very much, your help will not be forgotten.

I've been reading about this in the news all day. Absolutely terrible. I'm glad you and your girlfriend is safe. You're one of the most genuine people here on Hive and I'm sure people recognize that and will want to help. Stay safe.

Thank you so much bro. I'm so happy to have gained people's trust. I'm grateful for every cent of help given. At first we didn't even know it had such a wide impact. The news is not good, but our help will surely make a difference.

Holy shit, this is devastating. I hope that you and your girlfriend are able to remain safe and rebuild from these catastrophic earthquakes. Please keep us updated and do whatever it takes to stay safe.

Dude, I'm already safe far away from the earthquake zone. My girlfriend is in that area but she is also safe now. I hope the aftershocks will stop as soon as possible because as you can see on the site I shared, it never stops. It scares me, man. I hope it stops as soon as possible.

Stay safe and I pray for the people affected.

I just got home and heard this from the mums...

Be safe broh! This can not be a thing to go through😢

It's really awful man, I hope no one in the world has to go through something like this.

Unfortunate events.. Really I am sorry to hear... Im hearing it on the news now again...

My thoughts are with you broh.. I can't do much to help but keep us updated on the happenings

This is sad. Our prayers are with you. It's great to know that you are in good state.

Thanks man. I'm good but many people are in really bad situation.

My family and I were horrified to see some videos on the Internet today. We are praying for you.....

You can be sure there are more than you see. I hope everything goes well from now on.

Rabbim yardimcilari olsun orada yasayan calistigim musterilerim var asiri derecede korkmuslar izledigim bazi goruntulerde kendimi aglamamak icin zor tuttum allahim bir daha boyle birsey gostermesin insallah

Amin hocam inşallah en kısa sürede depremler durur da yaralarımızı sarmaya başlayabiliriz. Depremlerin durmaması en büyük engel. Sürekli artçılar oluyor.

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I am very sorry about that incublus, I hope everyone is safe and no misfortunes have happened beyond the earthquakes, I will share it

Thank you bro. We are trying to keep in touch with people there. Watching news for hours.

It must be stressful and overwhelming, I see the support of Hive in these cases, very proud to be seeing acts of help, I hope your partner is well and all those affected, a lot of strength

We hope we can be helpful somehow, we will share your post with our community and our social media. Any funds we send should have a specific memo to help you organize the transfers?

You don't need any notes. I will convert every amount sent to me into Turkish Lira and send it to @ahbap, Turkey's most trusted aid platform. They will know that help sent by Hive platform.

Already done from my personal account @manuphotos

Thank you so much, sorry I'm trying to contact people in earthquake zone especially my gf. That's why late reply.

Don’t worry, be safe!

Stay safe out there!

I'm thinking out loud here, but, organization-wise - what could we do to help? Can we set up a sort of task force where people could check-in and let people know what kind of help they need? If Hive TR is the correct community for this we could maybe encourage people to post here to let us know if they are ok?


I don't think there are many Hive users in the earthquake zone. As far as I know, only my girlfriend is there. She is in good health but she is always on her toes because of the aftershocks. I mean, I try to update the situation on discord servers etc. as much as possible, but I don't think someone who is trying to survive there can post on Hive.

Following suit with @nonameslefttouse, upvoted all your comments. Do hope everything works out and people are able to recover in a suitable manner. Glad your girl is ok and look forward to seeing good news in the rebuilding process!


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Appreciate your reaching out... letting us know how you and your girlfriend are doing... and for creating a positive bridge to send help. We've got several people in The Terminal that live in or around Turkey... We have been trying to check in with them...

Please let us know how you and your girlfriend are doing. Sending positive energy, love, and prayers...


I know most of the people on your server. I didn't see anyone living in the earthquake zone. Thank you for your support. I will post updates as I can.


You are most welcome brother... Love and light your way...

Chin up, there are better times ahead.


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Somehow I feel someone big hand maid it ... I fill not say more who .... but I feel soon comes more this hard days, so look you are ready for next ones. Lets hope this post going lot up.

I don't want to talk manipulative right now, my friend. I hope this is just an earthquake caused by the fault line and it will end soon. Turkey is not a country that wants to fight with anyone. It is a country that tries to help people in all natural disasters all over the world.

Very tragic ! Yup! There’s a video of something strange, Tesla or TTA, attack from the sky! Too many pipelines going through that area! Very terrible attack!

Conspiracies like this don't add value to the conversation. I usually don't mind because you have all the freedom to believe what you want to believe, but it's a time of discernment. Much better if you keep these things to yourselves especially at times like this. First, you don't have proof to any of your claims. Second, it's a direct assault to science and critical thinking. Third, there's always a time think of what ifs, but not this time.

Read this explainer as to why the earthquake happened: https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/why-was-turkey-syria-earthquake-so-bad-2023-02-06/. Or not. Because no matter what information is thrown at you, you still choose what to believe in the end. As @incublus has noted, it's much better not to talk anything speculative if you have no plans of helping.

Couldn't sleep yesterday following the news and hoping no more earthquakes occur, hope as many get saved as possible.

Thank you so much @acidyo, you are one of the best person I've ever seen. I hope we can save many lives.

Chia this is so 😞 bad, may JEHOVAH please be with our brothers over there, please stay safe and always be in contact with your girlfriend to know how she is. Sorry 😐

This isn't a good news to hear please ensure you stay safe.

Yay! 🤗
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Stay safe… and take care.
What a disaster, this is soooo sad 😞 omg…
Keep us updated.

I'll try every day. Gonna share an update post about every day or 12 hours.

That’s good. Thanks.
Keep safe my friend!

I feel really sorry for everything you and your country are going through, cant say I understand since its something I have never lived, I hope you and your love ones stay safe, may if donations can go through a foundation or even a go fund me can work too, stay safe 💪

Man, it's really not easy for me to deal with them right now. I don't know how the system works since I haven't used it before. I can also send Hive through binance by converting it into dollars and then converting it into Turkish Lira, but I don't know how to convert foreign currency-based aid in my country. There are some methods but there are high deductions. I don't want this to happen.

I am close to your people, a terrible tragedy. I am reblogging this post so that my friends from Italy can read it too!

Let's give all our support!

Thank you so much for your support man. I'll do my best.

Rabbim yar ve yardımcımız olsun 🇹🇷😔😥🤲

A horrific reminder of how fragile we actually are. I hope we save as many lives as possible from this catastrophe.

I hope so, man, I really don't know how this happened 24 hours ago when everything was normal. Our lives change so quickly.

These images really break my heart😥
I'm glad you are safe, hopefully, the evacuation for the rest of the other victims can run well.
Stay safe and stay strong for you and everyone in there ❤️💪

Thank you so much. I hope we can get through this disaster with minimum casualties.

Stay Safe..prayers for all the people.

Sad to hear about ongoing situation. Glad you're safe and doing your part. I hope whole world will come on same page to help affected people.

I hope what you're talking about happens, man. I've never seen anything like this before. 10 or 11 cities were affected at the same time. As far as I saw on the news, 20% of Turkey's population was affected by the earthquakes.

This is really serious! Please stay safe and keep the morale high.

Prayers to all the people affected.

I'm doing my best. Thank you so much

You're most welcome. You got this 💪💪

Sizi tebrik ederim, iyi düşünmüşsünüz. Destek olması adına ben de reblogladım.Umarım daha çok destek gelir

Tek amacım bir an önce deprem bölgesine yardım yollayabilmek. Umarım elimizden geldiğince yardım toplayabiliriz. Ülkemizin en zor günü olabilir.

Thank God you two are fine! 🙏. God continue to watch over you 🙏. Thank you for helping those affected! ❤️.

Thank you so much for your good words. I'm doing my best. Wish to be there and help people phsycially.

Great initiative to help out the earthquake victims.
100% upvote!

Thank you. Wish to do more things but that's what I can do right now.

Umarım ülkemiz bir daha böyle acı günler ve geceler yaşamaz bir daha..
Hepimize geçmiş olsun.

İnşallah, gerçekten boğazım düğümleniyor. Umarım böyle bir şey bir daha yaşanmaz.

Her desteğe ihtiyacımız var. Çünkü her yere yetişecek durumda değiliz. Umarım tez zamanda gerekli yardımlar ulaşır.

Post pay out olur olmaz Türk Lirasına çevirip ahbap aracılığıyla maddi yardımımızı ulaştırmaya çalışacağım.

What happens to Turkey is simply horrible. I can't imagine what you are going through...

Yeah I can summarize with that word, horrible. I hope it ends as soon as possible.

How terrible, God protect you, a lot of strength!!

Strength to the brothers of Turkey 🙏🏻🙏🏻

A catastrophe for us and for our country. The last one was in 1999 in Marmara region, perhaps this one is much more devastating. They say there are collapsed houses with no aid yet after the earthquake, which makes the situation even more tragedic...

It's even worse than that because the affected area is much larger. 10-11 cities in Turkey were affected. I hope our help will change something.

hive community pray for us earthquakes continue

Which city are you from? I hope you are safe.

I'm in -Hatay right now, my family fled at the last minute.
There are places we have not reached yet, trying to reach with the aid teams

Durumun Hatay'da çok kötü olduğunu duydum. Dualarımız sizinle, umarım ekipler en kısa sürede zor durumda olanlara yardım edebilir. Benim yapabileceğim bir şey var mı?

yes there is a lot of trouble here
I'm trying to help, I was able to buy tents for 10 people, but I have no power.
there is nothing left to help people in need

Elimizden geleni yapmak önemli. Ben bu postun bütün gelirlerini ahbap derneği aracılığıyla yollayacağım.

Me and my friends living in other cities have started a charity campaign and we will do the same.

It is very sad what is happening, the support you receive here may be a little bit of hope. 🙏🙏

I am doing my best to give people hope. I will reach out to everyone I can.

This is very sad. I hope the survivors have a lot of strength. Glad to hear that you and your girlfriend are doing well despite the circumstances. Please stay safe!

No matter how strong those who are there are, they need help. Some people have to fight the cold, even if they are pulled out from under the collapse. Right now it is below 0 degrees Celsius.

You're right. Low temperatures add to all this. Courage, many are helping. We will not leave them alone! 💕

This is so sad 😦😦. I'm glad that you and your girl are safe, I can't imagine what you guys are going through. Stay strong...

I'm doing my best. Trying to keep her morale high. It's really bad what happening.

Sending you my best wishes and a quick recovery. Please stay safe.

A little help has been sent on my name and in the name of the C/HiveCuba.

Thank you so much, it will help to the earthquake zone when this post is pay out.

I don't watch the news often but I stumbled upon this devastating news. I hope you and your girlfriend and both of your families will be okay, in all aspects. It's sad to see this but I hope you'll both be strong. Take care both of you!

I'm doing my best. I'm trying to keep my girlfriend's spirits up. Thank you for your support, sister

My vote was only worth something like $1.70 so I upvoted ten of your responses to comments here as well, which is meant to go towards helping.

Good luck over there, and stay safe.

Thank you very much. Every cent can make a difference. I appreciate your help.

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