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RE: Ladies of Hive: Contest 81-Technology: the good - the bad and the ugly

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Nice write up Momo and some nice pictures that did the icing. Still, I was hoping to read some points on the bad and ugly sides of technology. I guess you've got a positive mindset and by so, you only detailed out the good side of technology.


Thanks for your comment. I highlighted via questions some things for the reader to consider that could be good, bad and mentioned that things could get ugly. I gave food for thought only.
As you mentioned my positive mindset did not want to delve into the bad and the ugly. I then gave some examples of the good usage for myself.

Yeah haha!. Technology is arguably bad and ugly same way as it is good. Some bad usage are information theft e.g credit card, hacking, scamming etc and ugly in areas like deep fake, dark web etc