Hi! It’s Amenaa on Hive!

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Introducing one's self is something everyone should be quick to do, people see it as just giving basic information about one's self, but there is actually more to it. To people, it's a simple introduction but in a real sense, it is a question that needs a lot of details to answer. It takes a lot of courage and preparedness to be able to introduce yourself without flopping or glitching. It's a very sensitive question that is oftentimes taken for granted. People overlook the magnificence and weight of this simple but complete question.

Can we meet You?This question always gives me a lot of goosebumps. I immediately become blank, not knowing the next statement to make whenever this question is thrown at me.

Before coming up with this introductory I had to brainstorm for hours, thinking, and composing what I wanted to share with you all. Wallowing in deep thoughts, I am brought to the realization that I must give an answer.

My baby girl 😍 @ibbtammy introduced me to this platform and told me that I must make an introductory post about, there and then it dawned on me that my fears have come to haunt me and do I sit back and watch my fear win? Hell No!

Even though I often shy away from introducing myself, it in one way or the other finds me. Like a boomerang, it goes away but definitely comes back whether you're prepared for it or not. Even though it seems ambiguous and heavy, I have to give an introduction of myself no matter how much I try to run away from it.


My name is Amenaghawon Anthonia Onyenwe. I am from Edo State, Nigeria. I am married to my amazing husband Johnpaul Chimeremeze Onyenwe. I am the second of five children.


I am a graduate of the prestigious Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State. I am a lover of good food, good music, and serenity. I am a skilled fashion designer with over three of designing and sewing 🧵 experience.


I love how I am able to pick a plain material, join them together and produce something incredible. Nothing gives me joy than seeing the smiles on my client’s faces when they fit the end products and it makes every stress, sweat and pain worth it.


My hobbies are cooking, singing, dancing, fashion designing, and praying.

As an individual, I am very intentional about my family and friends. I ensure I do everything possible to make them happy and comfortable. I don't take these people for granted no matter the circumstances.


My favourite meals include some of our Nigerian-made dishes like, okra soup, moi-moi, egusi soup pounded yam, and so on.

I love people who tell the truth no matter the circumstance,to me they are angels from heaven. I love people who are transparent and hardworking as hardworking pays no matter what and as an individual, I am very hardworking and dedicated to whatever I put my mind to do no matter the challenges I may face.


I hope to explore the hive ecosystem as I have seen my friend speak passionately about it and being here for a few days I have seen how safe the blockchain is, less hate comments as compared to other social media platforms and raw talents and wonderful people.

I hope to make new friends, meet new people, learn, and build myself, and take a dive into the crypto world. I intend to enjoy every single time spent here. I know it’s going to be a jolly ride and I can’t wait!


Welcome to Hive! Hope you have a good time here.

Yeah I hope so too , I am super excited to be here . Thanks @strawhat

Good to have you join us on Hive. I hope
you have a great time here.
Ibbtammy did well in getting you here.


@amenaa! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @luchyl. (1/20)

Wow , nice 👍. Thanks a bunch

My expectations are very high , the vibe and energy here is awesome. Thanks @luchl

Pounded yam is my favourite too! My granny used to pump my belly with it as a child, and then it became my love. Heh

I totally love the energy you're bringing, Amenaa. It's bright and endearing. And I know you'll enjoy Hive and its people very well.

You're welcome to Hive!

Lol , pounded yam is the real deal fam . I am a newbie , so I'm hoping to learn, unlearn and relearn on this platform. Thanks @olujay

Welcome to the best web3 network ever, Amenaa. Have fun around here!

Indeed I can see it's the best of the best,👍 @godfish

Welcome on Hive!

Gracias 🙏

On behalf of #ladiesofhive Welcome to Hive @amenaa I bet you are finding out that Hive is more than just blogging but also gaming, entertainment, finance and investing,etc. You have a blank canvas to put whatever content you wish, and it belongs to you! It's you content!
I wish you a long and successful journey on Hive!

Being on hive is just so interesting.

I'm so glad I joined this platform . Thanks 🙏


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Welcome to Hive, it's good to have you here🤗.

Yeah, being here is something else. Can't quantify the job I get being on this platform 🥰

Welcome to hive. Have fun

I'll sure have fun. Thanks ☺️

You are welcome 😘

Thanks 🙏☺️

Welcome to hive