I am a millionaire, infinite wealth

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I am a millionaire, I have a priceless amount of wealth!

A treasure very dear to me, greed does not worry me, as long as I still have my fortune nothing matters to me.

My fortune is my own, and I wish infinitely that everyone could have wealth like mine. Many have it but do not appreciate it, they put it aside and do not enjoy it.

I teach my daughter by example how to value and take care of the greatest wealth that God gives us, Family, yes family is the greatest fortune that every human being can have, they help you, they give you love, they understand you, they understand you and reprimand you if necessary, but they never leave you alone.

From my family I have always received unconditional love and support, they have been faithful in helping me to fulfil my dreams.

Today my aunt and uncle have given me a space in their house so that I can sell my sweets and make myself known to more people as a confectioner, and help my sales increase.

Today each one of them put a grain of sand to see my dream come true.

They gave me the best they could give me, and that was their time, they stopped their activities to be in my activity, they helped me decorate, they gave me ideas, I executed them and prepared my sweets, which this time I offered them with coffee.

Today was my first exhibition to the public, it was better than I expected, and all this thanks to my family who believed in me and were my first customers, they spread my seasoning, it is a small space that fills my heart, because I do what I do with passion.


On a small table my sweets, a machine to prepare coffee and my best smile (although it is not visible because of the mask) I tend to whoever arrives there. It's not like I dreamed it but I'm building it,I know I will achieve it, the support of my family is fundamental.

I know the value of my family, I know how important they are to me, and the love they feel for me, I couldn't be more fortunate.

Do you know the value of your family?


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Yes, you are a millionaire.
Realized that not everyone has family, like me!
Thanks for sharing!

Hello @carmenm20. That's so nice your family stepped in to help you set up your shop at their house. This will give you exposure. Maybe later you can order some business cards to give out.

This is a first step. Congratulations and hope your business is successful.

Take care.

Thank you very much, it is something quite small, on a table my sweets, but it is the beginning. Step by step I am going to build my store, business cards are an excellent idea, thank you!

A hug!

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