mother's infinite love

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Pride and satisfaction of a mother

For mothers, the achievements of their children are super important, watching them grow, helping them in their growth is a pleasure.

For me, my daughter is super special in every step she takes, I am there to be her guide and her best support. Even if my daughter grows up, she will always be my little girl to me.

My daughter has been very creative since she was very little, she has a lot of ability to create wonderful things with her small hands, just as she likes and enjoys singing, that's why when she was little We support her to continue singing.

She sings very well, she has extraordinary vocal agility, she has her 3speak channel where she uploads her videos whenever she can, where you can see the evolution she has had.

A couple of weeks ago she participated in a folk music festival, it was her first time participating in events of this magnitude, where she would be evaluated by a jury, and she did very well, the jury I congratulate her and encourage her to continue singing.In the final results she won the second place, I am super proud of my little singer, I thank her predicted much success.

Pre-photo before the presentation.



The pride and happiness of a mother for her children, never ends


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How beautiful she is dressed in the folk costume. I've heard her sing in her 3Speak channel. I know you are proud of her accomplishments.

Tell her I said what an awesome princess she is and to keep up the good works. She's a talent. I hope she's able to continue on with her singing and performing.

Take care.

Thank you very much, I will give you your compliments.

Yes, he wears a folk costume, alluding to the song he was going to perform, thanks for always supporting us.

She will continue studying singing since she is passionate about it, I am very happy for her.

Reading this, I can feel how happy and proud you are of your princess :) Congratulations to you and her for winning the competition. She is adorable and talented. I would love to visit her 3speak channel.

Yes, I am very proud of my little girl, she has strength and courage, and she is very adorable.

Whenever you like you can visit his channel, he appears as fabianar25

She's blessed to have you, her very supportive parents :) I shall visit her channel, thank you.

What a joy that your daughter performs so well on stage and is full of talents, congratulations 🤗

Thank you thank you very much. If, for his first presentation on stage with a significant number of people, he did very well, he performed excellently.

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Thank you thank you thank you for the support

Awww... proud mama!!!
Your daughter is your pride and joy!
Thans for sharing.
Take care, @carmenm20

Yes, definitely she is the engine that moves my life. Thank you

She looks so sweet in that pretty little dress! What a precious child! 😊

What a joy she is gorgeous!
Happy Friday thank you for blogging in the Ladiesofhive community