With perseverance dreams are achieved

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Reborn through a massage

Can you be reborn through a massage? The answer is yes! massages stimulate our entire body, lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, muscular and bone systems, it's incredible but that's how it is.
A massage changes our mood, relieves tension and relaxes. It is so beneficial for our whole being, it fills us with peace and tranquility.

A little over a month ago I wrote this article where I tell how I trained as a massage therapist a profession that I began to practice at home, if at home I went to the house of the person who will request the massage, the article that I left them tells me that my dream is to have a portable stretcher that allows me to reach more patients, providing comfort to them and to me, since I had been injuring my back for not having this much-needed implement.

Even so, I did not give up, I did not have many clients either, my income was used for the well-being of my family (food, health).

It was not until 15 days ago that a cousin lent me a stretcher that he no longer used, it was not portable so I had to work in a fixed place, that is how my mother gave me a small space from home to work. It is gratifying when you feel supported by your family in one way or another.
In these two weeks I have served two clients who have been satisfied with my work and my attention, have said that they are going to invite their friends to visit my little space never give up If you feel that you are passionate about what you do and that you do it well, you should keep fighting.

I invested the income I made this week in another course, my goal is to be better every day. With this new course I realized that I need other tools, but I kept working for it.

With respect to the space that my mother gave me, it is a small place, with some curtains we cover some imperfections, but others still need to be repaired. Although it is in these conditions, I treat my clients very well and they feel the place is cozy and calm.and this is how they feel it, "A space of tranquility and relaxation"

If you love what you do, everything will be fine, as long as you have the support of your loved ones, they are an important part of my personal growth, my virtual friends from Hive who always do their bit of sand and their words of encouragement for them also goes my thanks

Do not stop dreaming and fighting for your dreams, the road is not easy, I know I live it, but do not lose heart in the face of adversity. As the saying goes: "God squeezes but does not hang"
I want to show you what I have achieved this month, with a lot of sacrifice, with some limitations, but I am going to achieve, yes, to be the best massage therapist in my city.

This is the stretcher that my cousin lent me, I hope to be able to buy it soon and make it my own, this stretcher is in the space that my mother gave me.

My first client receiving a clay mask to refresh her face.

Facial massage


Awesome. You are a dedicated young woman who never stops dreaming and pursuing your goals.

Good luck in your massage business.

Take care.

Thank you very much. Sometimes I think I was born dreaming, but this time I begin to materialize my dream, and I love what I do.
I help others to feel good that makes me happy Thank you for your well wishes! Take care of yourself

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This is a wonderful job that you have started! I wish you much success with it! 🙂


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Many thanks. I really like this job because I help other people to feel good.

Cool, I have a friend who's also a Massage therapist. She also tends to have a small circle of clients and family for her practice years ago. I haven't seen her for a while. Medical skills are good skills to have.

It's a nice job being a masseuse. Little by little the clients will grow.

How I wish for a facial and a massage right now hahaha
The fact that you had your first client is amazing.
Good luck and happy weekend

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It is a pity that we are thousands of kilometers away, I would gladly give you a massage so that you feel very energetic. Thank you for supporting my post.