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RE: WINNERS: Ladies of Hive Contest #92

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Felicidades a todas las ganadoras de la semana @riverflows, @dimmablogs, @edithb, @orah14, @creacioneslelys, @honeydue, @onyinye.nmeri85, @suezoe y a todos los que participaron. Mil bendiciones para todos. 🥰✨🤗😘🌹❤️

Congratulations to all the winners of the week @riverflows , @dimmablogs , @edithb , @orah14 , @creacioneslelys , @honeydue , @onyinye.nmeri85 , @suezoe and everyone who participated. A thousand blessings to all. 🥰✨🤗😘🌹❤️


@dayadam I didn't understand the language though, but I know it's a compliment

It jumped out at me and I put it in Spanish hahaha.

I already put it in both.

Congrats to you sweetie @onyinye.nmeri85 🤗😘🥰🌹❤️

@dayadam thanks for translating and thanks too the congratulatory are also a winner

Thank you ❤️