Loh Contest 135: My Unforgettable Memories

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. Good evening, great women in the house, you are all welcome to my blog.


What was the memory .

Oh! I remember my two friends that we normally go to the road were farmer most followed to their farm and we will hold one end of the grass and join it with the other end and we will tide it and we will hide waiting for who will passed, and because the are in hence all there attention is on there work, they don't check there front any more and that is how people will be falling down and we will be laughing at them from were we are hidden watching.

Once the manager to stand up they will notice that the grass was tired, and they have to turn and check to see if anybody is close, that was how they will clean up there body and untied the grass before going, to avoid other people from falling too while some will say they have to reduce this grass because Is too long that is why It do tangle And they will untied it and passed, oh! No! live to remember those days .

On a shell not, is something that when we are cough we will be seriously punish for that but our stubbornness was something else.

They last one that happened was terrible that makes us to stop it by what we sow, after we tired the grass, it was an old grandma that was coming, I told my friends to quickly Rush and untired the grass but the they held my hand, before we know the old woman was on the ground, she couldn't stand up for more than an hour.

And all thanks to God for bringing a man with a bike on this way to farm and he Sow her on the ground lying down flat that was how he stop and took her to the hospital because of our rough play.
Since than we stopped doing that but we really regretted that act.

and how old were you at the time?

I was around 11-12
Thanks for your time.


omg but what a mischief, I hope the old lady has not had health complications.


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Who knows, I pray she didn't, thanks for stopping by

Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day!🤗💜

Thanks for stopping by

You are welcome!🤗💜

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Some pranks can become dangerous, like your's but as children we do not think much, we just want to have fun.

Wow, a soldier should have catch you guys then and give you punishment to know the play is really rough🤣🤣

Childhood days are really fun which is filled with childish acts

What a rough memory wow , but a hgreat blog now
Did you know the new contest is up now for this week, do join us now in the wonderful community ladies of hive and good luck
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