Ladies of Hive #123 - 13 Reasons WHY

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Because they care about you until you have nothing to give.

Because they only care about themselves.

Because they have no choice but to only care about themselves.

Because as we become more "individualized", "civilized", our own achievements and self-interests come first.

Because modern society is all about SELF these days.

Because as we become more SELFish we become lonelier.

Because we don't have a craft to fully immerse ourselves with.

Because there are now too many people and it's hard to put ourselves out there.

Because technology now gives us fake profiles and abundance of choice - it's now easier to discard people.

Because it is easier to deem others as "toxic" instead of actually making an effort to resolve issues.

Because it is better to be alone than with a bad company.

Because everything good in this world takes getting used to.

Because we only have ourselves left to trust.

That's why we are lonely.

And I'm sure there are other million reasons why.

Alone but not lonely? Who are we kidding? Let's be true to ourselves. We need other human beings too. We need good people in our lives in order to feel a bit better. To ease the pain of existence.

Individualism. Loneliness has become the epidemic of modern society. Back in the day, we used to be primitive. We used to be chatting with our neighbors, gathering crops, helping one another and such. Lives were simple, brains were simple. Civilization came, technology came. We humans have become smarter than ever. We continue to reach our highest potential. Infinite possibilities! We build skyscrapers, go to space, drive electric cars, develop chatbots, and use our apps to find human connection. Happiness comes from our own achievements. We're too good for others now so let's ignore those who are not within the range of our intellect. Materialism and acquiring possessions can make up for what we truly lack, or at least though that's what we thought.

The tyranny of convenience. Why meet in person when it is easier to communicate online? Why go to an activity group when we can just do our hobbies at home and pretend that we're so-called "healthy and fulfilled"?

Money. Horde stuff from Amazon thinking these things will complete us. Buy a ton of Self-help books and improve ourselves nonstop. Exercise, eat healthy, sleep, breathe. Repeat. Oh and don't forget to take your "Athletic Greens". And yet at the end of the day, we still feel empty. Let us know when your "system" truly works.

People. The presence of people can make us feel lonely. We need people we don't need people. It's the existence of people around us that makes us feel lonely. It is the thought that they too know our existence and yet they don't acknowledge it. It's the good old "you're still lonely in a room full of people". To isolate is the best because then we feel like our loneliness is justified. People cannot reach us anymore. We gave them reasons.

Cynicism. It is easier to put this armor because it makes us feel strong and safe. But deep down, we just need another soul to cling to... and be open and vulnerable. And be accepted.

Why care when others don't care? They asked us how our weekend was because they couldn't wait to tell how their weekend was. We checked on them and got seen zoned. But tell them someone is looking for them and they reply in no time. That f*ckin sucks alright. People. Being one in a sea of lonely people makes our own loneliness insignificant.

But you know what, it is fine to feel lonely. It is a normal human feeling in which we can get out of from time to time. If we try. If we're constantly thrilled in this current state of our society, of our world, then it is not a good mental health sign either. Wake up. Maybe loneliness is awareness? Maybe loneliness is finally waking up and seeing through the painful reality around us. The effect of "these changes" to our soul. We used to be dumb and not lonely. Life was simple. Simple pleasures as you know. We were happy until we wanted more.

Perhaps we need the courage again to put ourselves out there. Find that one soul who we can share our complex mindspace with however difficult, disappointing and inconvenient the process will be. And deliberately starve ourselves of convenience from time to time so we can actually work hard on getting something... or someone. Then take time to STOP and appreciate the little things around us. To STOP and take time to genuinely care about another human being dying in front of us... another lonely soul like you. Like Me.



It is easier to put the cynicism armor because it makes us feel strong and safe. But deep down, we just need another soul to cling to... and be open and vulnerable. And be accepted.

Weird but true

12 valid reasons and I think I'm guilty of the number 10 reason... It's something I've been lazy about and I tend to find other better persons to be around than with those I think aren't worth my effort to work on.

It's wrong I know and I'm working on it. It's good that you shared these reasons in points, very clear and self explanatory.

Thanks for participating, all the best!

It's something I've been lazy about and I tend to find other better persons to be around than with those I think aren't worth my effort to work on.

I feel the same!

Thank you!

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