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Good to be back again this beautiful day.
Hello everyone in the house. I believe we are great today.


Every woman needs the essential guide to learn more about their bodies and their health, in a sensible and straightforward way knowing about your health as a woman provides you with the medical and gynaecological facts as well as the social aspects of women's sexuality and wellbeing.
Every lady of all ages whether young or old needs an account of the way a woman's body works... In pregnancy and childbirth, at the menopause, in illness and after surgery.


 It's very important for women to be involved in decisions about their health, they need balanced and accurate information and I sincerely hope that every woman will be able to account for their body and health, to be able to ask questions and make informed decisions about their health.
  A lady needs to have a unique record of the changes in women's attitudes, am using this medium to urge the ladies to take up this challenging opportunity and take a more active role in their health decisions and health choices.
 Inevitably each of us will die, and death comes in varieties of ways, it may be welcomed as a relief from pain or disease, it may however be feared.... 

In summary, Most of us die because we are not likely aware of how to stay healthy and live longer, taking precautions of what a lady needs to know will help make life easier and stress free.

Stay healthy.
From your friend. @ellav
Thanks and God bless you.


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