Contest-#94: Damnation to that absurd bizarre "normal" scale!

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What is a woman?
That question seemed so silly at first!
Then I realized I, a woman has never asked this question out loud for once! And when I read the lines under that question, that literally jumbled up my brain right away.
Since then I have been pondering on this matter and finally tried to write something!

I saw many amazing ladies have expressed and addressed this matter. So I decided to focus more in this part-
If faced with the issue of dissatisfaction over their sex/gender, how would you address your children's questions about the changing concepts of sex and gender in this digital age?

Now that has been happening quite often these days. Dissatisfaction over their gender or sex and sexual orientation as well.

Because gender is not only limited between man and woman anymore!

But what if I am to assert, nobody becomes dissatisfied over their sex/gender!
Then where does that dissatisfaction over gender comes from?

Let us deviate from this topic and ask you a rather predictable question.

We grew up idolizing this image imposed by the society that-
Women should be fragile both physically and psychologically, dependable on man, spend time in skin care and house chores
Men should be strong both physically and psychologically, harsh as manly attributes, can never cry, and etcetera!
And when any of them, deviates from that IMPOSED image of themselves, they become the plague of society. When a man does things which are doled for a woman and vice versa, the society, family, friends turn out to be an ultimate nightmare for that person.

So, I want to ask you, how do you define "normal"?

On what basis do you judge and label "normality" or "abnormality"?

You really don't have any "INCONTROVERTIBLE" way to define "abnormal"!
Whenever we tag someone "abnormal" that is only because your idea of "normal" is "biasedly shaped and curved" by the majority.
The concept society holds as " NORMAL" is what our ancestors set up.

And that idea is obsoleted now with the gender changing concept of digital age.

Just like all other things are going through adaptive changes, the same should be applied to gender issues and sexual orientation.
The crisis and dissatisfaction commences when they are prohibited, plagued, harassed, or outcasted when they try to express their "normal preference"
They start to be dissatisfied over their natural gender or changes.
It's people's selfish actions that made them feel resentful about themselves.
We are wise humans.
Human enough to uphold an individual's life beyond one's prejudice, perspective, or personal beliefs.

Is that someone's perspective, belief, acceptance more significant than a human life?

Precisely, NO!

In our country, the majority is Muslim which forbids anything beyond "normal male" or "normal female" in both gender and relationship. Otherwise, it will be counted as a grave sin.
And honestly, if I openly express myself supporting this very natural flow of life, it won't be surprising if you found me viciously murdered in a dark alley! What's more patronizing is I too am a Muslim, yet I simply cannot I simply cannot antagonize someone for it.
However, even if it tags me as a shameful believer, I would continue to search for the right answer and stand against the hateful bully of gender discrimination and sexual orientation equally.

Needless to say, if I ever receive such an opportunity-

As a parent, I will at least try my fairest to teach them "acceptance" of both their and others' gender.

I will teach them all of these in a way to grow their acceptance and widen their definition of "normal" and "abnormal".
I believe I am amazing at teaching. So I will be successful to pursue my children and any other if I try.
A man, a woman, a trans, or any other that might sprout in the near future; everyone must be treated as a human being first.

IMG_20220813_071010.jpgKhaled and His daughter
I want to become a parent like him.
He is one of my most adored authors Khaled Hosseini, whose daughter came out as trans recently.
And he supported her daughter even in public, how wonderful that is even proudly! And he inspired everyone the same!
I loved him as a magnificent author.
I started to adore him more when I found he contribute to humanitarian crises.
And I felt like worshiping him after his efforts as a father he showed.

And fear me my friend, I'll mind to your damn business, if I find you mistreating anyone for the very same reason.

A human life (regardless their gender preferences/ sexual orientation) is far greater than your bloody futile ideology of sex/gender.

Damnation to that absurd, arrogant, sick scale of measuring "normal" scale of yours!
Life is too short and too beautiful to fuss over and waste in such trivial matters!


The concept society holds as " NORMAL" is what our ancestors set up.

This is so obvious and too tragic in our society. Blindly people accepted this concept without even thinking about being human first. I agree with you.

Very much right.
A human life should be much more important than any futile idiology

normal is something as subjective as perfect, because there is nothing perfect in the world as well as nothing normal, what is normal for people will always depend on what is socially accepted, what is accepted in a society varies over time, so what is normal for some it is abnormal for others, I believe that a person should not be judged anywhere in the world for their gender or sexual orientation, it is difficult to read that in some religions and societies they condemn people even just for being friends with a gay, trans or diverse person


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Yes very much.
And it hurts to see a human life is worthless to a futile belief or simple personal judgment.
So much so, that they don’t think twice before pushing that person even towards suicide or self harm.

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