Happy Birthday to me

My birthday is on 6th December it has already passed and I have delayed to post about it.

Personally I don't see birthdays as a big deal. I think of it as the same as the other days. I don't like to arrange birthday parties for myself. But my husband would always get a cake because I love cake and I don’t expect anyone to sing birthday song for me. I just want to be a better person as older I grow. Bring the better version out of me is my main motive.

I always wait for a birthday text all night and sometimes people don’t seem to care enough to text. I know that it is not a big deal. My friends and relatives can communicate with me is only through social media they don’t often call on numbers. A message on social media or number makes me feel that they appreciate me on my birthday and it wouldn’t hurt. I know that end of the day the relatives and friends that are there for me only matters. But when someone does not wish me on the exact time of 12:00 i feel like that everyone forgot about me. Yes my birthday does matter to me but does not mean I want to celebrate it by party or going out but I want people remember my birthday and appreciate me a bit more on birthday.


It was 6th December and no one wished me on my birthday I was very upset that even my husband forgot my birthday that he does not even seemed to remember it at all. My children ignored me and they were staying in their rooms and didn’t even talk to me whole day. It felt like I have a hole in my heart and I wanted to cry. But I got myself busy with work I started to cook some special dish to let my husband at least a get a hint that today is my birthday. In evening when he came home he asked what I was cooking and he saw it was my favourite dish. But he still did not say anything about it. I was very angry and decided not to talk to him for a while. I was in the kitchen at night washing the plates and speaking by my own, then I said everyone forgot my birthday and for the first time my husband also forgot about it.

Then after washing when I was about to have food my children called me in their room. I was entering her room suddenly my husband hugged my from the back and I saw flowers in his hand and he was wishing me Happy Birthday. I was shocked and feeling guilty for shouting at him for forgetting my birthday. Then I saw my kids brought a chocolate cake and wishing me. I saw a cute bear candle they have brought for me I could not explain how relieved and happy I was.


I saw they have bought a cake from Mr Baker which is my favourite shop. I was overwhelmed because of the situation. At 10 PM I made a wish and blew the candle and then we cut the cake and every one of us was holding the knife. I wanted to fed the cake to them first but then cake was taken from my hand and they fed me the piece of cake. This was one of my best birthday with surprises. Everyone pretended to not knowing about my birthday and by giving me surprise made it soo special.

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Happy birthday Ann , 😊.. the best thing happens when you are surprised by people dear to your heart.. for sure you were happy and blessed in your birthday..

my brother's is on the 13th...

Happy birthday sorry for the late wish!

I did remember your birthday and wished on social media but somehow fell asleep because of tiredness, I did not check if the message was sent and it did not because my Wi-Fi was gone and at noon the Wi-Fi worker came to fix the issue.

Lots of love 💖


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Happy birthday! Wish you all the best ❤️

!LUV the cake. Happy birthday again! hehe...you shouted at your family for forgetting your birthday...maybe they really did at first...who knows? 😁


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I'm glad something special happened on your birthday! The cake and flowers are lovely! 😊


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Thanks dear soo sweet of you

Happy belated birthday! I also love surprises. And my birthday is about to come, hope to see a surprise for me.

Belated birthday Ann,may your new age come with lots of happiness.

Happy Birthday!


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A belated Happy Birthday to you Ann, you are special to a lot of people, sometimes more than you know. I am glad you had a surprise, it makes it all worth it.



Happy Birthday
Wish u all the best

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Longlife and prosperity

Hello aunty I would like you to be on inleo.io I hope to see your first thread over there 🫶🏻