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I feel some profession are divine calling, it just suit them as if they were born with with.
Some persons are so good at protecting people and fighting for their right, while some are so good at enforcing and making rules.

Some persons are very good at keeping records and handling things financially.
In all of these others grow, like and then learn to be in such field, I'm not saying the rest wouldn't have to read such course but my point is the passion that comes with it.


Each time I visit a hospital the way the doctors and nurses do attend and take care of different patients with different disease and health issues I'm impressed. but I can't.
I can't withstand seeing someone in pains I would start crying and that would even make matters worst, I'm supposed to console my patients and make them feel everything would is under control,but me as a nurse or doctor would just make my patience loss hope of getting better.

I can't even stand the sight of blood, I can just pass out if I see too much blood.

One time my baby was admitted in the hospital the patient next ward has was seriously ill and she was vomiting while the nurse was trying to fix her drip(ill🤢🤢) I felt irritated,if I was the nurse I wouldn't eat for the whole day. And they have to take care of such a person till they hey better...... thumbs up for all the nurses and doctors.
I like to save life too but I look forward to a time in the new world where we wouldn't have to fall sick again and everyone would have a perfect health.
Then we would no longer need the service of a nurse or doctor.
Until then, I love all the nurses and doctors,I thank them for their efforts and care.
But this is one job I'm so terrible at .


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I certainly wouldn't do well in the moments when there's blood... I've always had a weak stomach for that and it makes me sick to see too much at once. Doctors and nurses should always be valued!

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Thanks for commenting.
Honestly doctors should be respected and valued because they do so much for us.

Certainly, in these years of pandemic here in Brazil we can see how these health professions are important and how they deserve to be valued. A hug.

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