LOH # 163: A gift with thoughts and care.

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Good evening beautiful ladies. How are you all doing? Welcome to my blog. It's my pleasure writing again here.

Special thanks to@ladiesofhive and @irenenavarroart for the questions of these week. Today I'll be writing about if I had the opportunity to give something material without a price-limit, who would I give this gift and what will I give to the person. And my reasons for giving to this person.

Christmas is a season of merriment, a season where you show love to your loved ones. A time to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones, exchange gifts and the rest. It's a time of the year that people tend to receive gifts than other times. It's associated with gifts. Some people think it's all about the material things but no, it's not , there's just a lot more to it.


The real value of a gift that a person get is the thought and care behind it. It's the thoughts that really counts.
The question was something material to give a person that had no price limit, who, told what and why. There are so many gifts that can be given to one without a price-limit. Price-limit meaning it might not be too expensive but s meaningful one and with thought and care behind them.


When getting these gifts for a person, it must be something something that has the thoughts of their interest, hobbies and what they are passionate about. During this Christmas I would like to get an orphan or orphans a gift without a price-limit. I will study them and get to talk to them first. Get to know their interest and hobbies and what they are passionate about.

I am orphan and I know how it feels to be one. Why I want to give them this gift is because they don't get these all the time. So spending time , offering to help them with a task or any problem they have can mean so much. These shoes that you have their interest at hand.


What I will be gifting the person with might be a very delicious homemade meal prepared so well or even a free ticket to see one of their favorite movies in a cinema or a thoughtfully chosen book for y one who loves reading.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
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Best regards


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It is very hard to grow up orphaned, thank you for your good heart and thinking about the children.

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Thank you so much @irenenavarroart
I appreciate

Any gift that's given should be given from the heart. You are right; that there doesn't necessarily have to be a price budget, but it should be something meaningful, which might not cost anything to everything. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!🤗💜