A planet of a single gender


In our society there is a always a complain of a group oppressing or neglecting the needs of the other group , some call it majority and minority for better understanding...

This has resulted to creation of more states and countries.
But amongst the minorities there will still be groups of people that will still be neglected and oppressed.

So shipping all the men to another planet will that solve the problem?..


Imagining a planet filled with only women🤔
The good side is women are passionate people, they are caring and sensitive so they will be good leaders.

We have a lot of independent women already, women who play the role of mom and dad so we will adapt fast without the men ☺️.

Because we are passionate beings, there will be women working prudently in the sphere of government, the planet will surely be a prosperous and developed place.

The bad side is , women are out spoken so if every one is saying how they feel who will listen 😂😒..

There will be surely rivals and jealousy , most times the reason for the jealousy might not be logic 🙄.

How do we bring forth the next generation when there are lots of eggs but no sperm fertilization 🤷.

Well we might go into some deep biological research👩‍🔬 but what ever we find, bear in mind that humanity will never remain the same again🤭.

What will a planet look like with only men 🤭..

Well men can't play the role of mum and dad effectively..

So businesses in the food and home caring industry will boom..

Infact such a world will be cruel because there is no affection of a woman (mother or wife).
It's going to be filled with wars ,battling for territories, and who should rule It will look boring🙄..

How can they sustain the planet by having young ones? .
Hmmm let's see 🕵️👩‍🔬, maybe they can fertilize dinosaur's egg🤭.
It's going to be ani-humans 😂; half Human half horse, half human half dog.


Which has a higher chance to survive?
Well when it comes to having young ones , none will survive in the long run.
So we need the Man and the woman to live in one planet!...

The lesson is in every society no group should be neglected. The needs of every one should be acknowledged and respected.

Thanks for Reading ♥️


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maybe they can fertilize dinosaur's egg🤭.
It's going to be ani-humans 😂; half Human half horse, half human half dog.

Lol Ani-humans? No way!

This was a good read, I enjoyed every bit of it and for starters I love your sense of humor🥰🥰

Thank you ☺️

You're most welcomed😃

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