Ladies of Hive - Contest #95 - "What Makes You Angry?" - Um, Everything!?

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I'm honored to have been invited to take part in this edition of the Ladies of Hive contest! I have to admit though; this question is a challenge. I hope my approach to answering it is acceptable!

The truth is, I could probably write a novel on the things that bug me. I really wish that wasn't the case. Living with extreme anxiety comes with a daily range of emotions and usually when I am feeling anxious about something, I get easily frustrated and sometimes that results in becoming angry over the silliest things! Really silly.

The focus of this post is going to be on the last part of question one and that is "what helps to pacify you?"

The answer to that is my faith!

I absolutely LOVE this question because it allows me to give proper glory to God. Without Him, nothing is possible.

Before I became a Christian, I had no idea how to handle my anger. It was a real challenge for me and many people in my life. It deeply effected my relationships with others.

When I came to know God and read His word, I realized that it was okay to take that anger to Him. Now I pray often when I'm feeling anger; no matter how stupid the reason is, I now know that it is okay to bring it to Him! There is no shame in it anymore.

The bible speaks so clearly on anger and the dangers of it. The book of James touches on this beautifully....


When we spend time in anger, we are not focused on God. We are not giving glory to God when we are giving into anger. It pulls us away from Him.

For me, this was a real "ah ha!" moment. The more time I spend angry over things, stewing in it or even worse, projecting it onto others, the more time I am spending away from God. Perhaps causing others to do the same.

Words are very powerful!

I really do believe that! There is reason that the Bible is given to us in the form of a book! I believe it's because God knew that words would be powerful and can absolutely change lives!

Words can build someone up or they can tear someone down.

When we spend time in anger, we usually end up saying something we regret to someone. This can be hurtful and usually can't be taken back. The truth is, we're all God's children and when we hurt each other, it hurts God. It's not a space that He wants us to be in.

I still get angry, don't get me wrong. I definitely do not write this from a "holier than thou" perspective. I'm just like everyone else dealing with all that life has to throw at me. Sometimes, it gets the best of me. As a mom of three kids, some's not easy!

The only thing I do differently now is I try really hard to bring all my anger to God through prayer. I ask Him to take it from me and I try really hard to leave it with Him at the Amen part!

I'd love to invite @pixiepost, @redheadpei and @successchar to participate!

Can't wait to read your answers.


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It's totally cool to trust in Him as He gives all things through Jesus, good on you @jangle!

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It IS cool! 😎 Thank you for your comment.

God designed us to feel emotions, and with anger, there is a proper place for it.
Timeless wisdom from the New Testament @jangle

Thank you :)

Thanks for sharing it sis @jangle that we need to surrender our hatred, our anger to God. We all have this feeling but we have different ways of handling it and handling in with God will help us to overcome it more easier.

Anyway, might be you mean "With Him, nothing is impossible."

Thank you! I corrected that mistake.

It's amazing the changes that happen when you surrender everything to Jesus.

Indeed Jesus is the only one who can change us.

Staying true to one's faith and lifting up worries and concerns to Him is a great way to deal with life's stressors. He's always good.

Thank you Janelle for sharing your thoughts.


Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment. It's a great way to handle everything. :)

Pleasure is mine, thank you lots :) Have a fantastic day

God is good! He always leaves us a way out by taking the issue to Him! He has gotten me through some tough times for sure. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed and lovely day!🤗💜

Amen. Thank you! I'm so glad that you have found strength in Jesus as well.

Indeed! He is my strength! Take care and have a blessed day!🤗💜

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