Ladies of Hive Community Contest #44

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Authored by @brittandjosie


😃 Memes are back! 😁

Everyone had such fun with the last meme contest, @brittandjosie thought that doing it again would be a great idea, and we fully agreed!

TO THE 44th EDITION of the

This is a contest from our community to you, women empowering each other both on the blockchain and in Discord! A place we love and where Hive is alive. If you haven't joined our discord yet, an invite can be found by clicking on the first banner under this post!

We will award 5 HIVE to the best entry.

¡Este es un concurso de nuestra comunidad para ustedes, mujeres que se empoderan unas a otras tanto en blockchain como en Discord! Un lugar que amamos y donde Hive está presente. Si aún no se ha unido a nuestra discordia, puede encontrar una invitación haciendo clic en el primer aviso publicitario debajo de esta publicación.

Regalaremos 5 HIVE a la mejor entrada.

@brittandjosie is supplying extra prizes to this contest! 💙

🌟 When you write an entry to the Weekly Contest, be sure to place a link to your post in a comment on this contest post! This is required for your entry to be accepted!

🌟 Cuando escriba una entrada para el Concurso Semanal, asegúrese de colocar un enlace a su publicación en un comentario en este publicación del concurso. ¡Esto es necesario para que su entrada sea aceptada!

For this week, we would like you to create a MEME
answer the QUESTION.
As always, you can do BOTH, if you wish!

We would like to see MEMEs with the topic of inviting other women to join our community! A good example of what we're looking for is the image shown here, made by @brittandjosie. Wording can be "Join the Ladies of Hive" or any similar message. Be creative and feel free to alter the message to match the image you select! Be funny, be serious, be clever, just do your best!

The image you use can be any image PROVIDED THAT it is not copyrighted, and is free-for-use in a post. Your entry will be disqualified if you use a copyrighted image or a watermarked image. Plenty of free-to-use images can be found on these sites:

Even using images from sites such as these, though, it is a good idea to cite that the image is "free-for-use from Pixabay," or perhaps even give credit to the photographer (even though the site may say no such credit is necessary). Giving credit for the image will help to keep your account spotless and will help the photographer with more traffic to their page!

Once you have chosen an image, you can use any image-editing program to add the words to it. MS PAINT (which comes with WINDOWS) is okay to use. You can also use a free, online editor such as LunaPic if you wish. Some phones have photo editors that can add text, too. Once the text is on the image, you are ready to save it and share it in your post!

== OR ==

Do you have any suggestions for improving the LadiesOfHive Community or Discord? What could we do to increase your participation?

¿Tiene alguna sugerencia para mejorar la comunidad LadiesOfHive o Discord?

¿Qué podríamos hacer para incrementar su participación?

To make sure that your entry is valid, and can not be missed for the contest, please make sure that you follow the RULES:

Para garantizar que su participación sea válida y no se pierda el concurso, asegúrese de seguir las REGLAS:

  • Blog must answer at least one of the questions(or more, if you wish!)
  • El blog debe responder al menos una de las preguntas (¡o más, si lo desea!)
  • Blog must be submitted before the beginning of the day of Sunday, August 22, 2021
  • El blog debe enviarse antes del día Domingo, 22 de Agosto, 2021
  • Blog must be published in 'Ladies of Hive' community
  • El blog debe publicarse en la comunidad 'Ladies of Hive' (Damas de Hive)
  • Blog must be linked in a comment to this post
  • El blog debe estar vinculado en un comentario a esta publicación
  • Blog must be original in order to win
  • El blog debe ser original para poder ganar       
  • Blog must be 200+ words (word count must be met before any translation of your blog!)
  • El blog debe tener más de 200 palabras (el recuento de palabras debe efectuarse antes de cualquier traducción de tu blog!)
  • Blog must invite another woman to the community
  • El blog debe invitar a otra mujer a la comunidad

Good luck, Ladies!

Questions this week by: @brittandjosie
Judging will be by: @brittandjosie



Hehehe... I have my thinking cap on, @brittandjosie!!!

Hola chicas! Estoy feliz de participar en este concurso. Todas son geniales, he visto los mejores memes de la vida.

Les dejo por acá mi participación, espero que les guste 💪

Hi girls! I am happy to participate in this contest. You all are great, I've seen the best memes of life.

I leave you over here my participation, I hope you like it 💪.

Love the StarWars theme ,

.. improve the #LadiesOfHive community it's a good idea more interactive content, allowing us to tell each other stories, get to know each other more.

Increase participation with spaces to tell stories. Example: Tell us a significant moment for you in the year 98'.

That's such a great question love it we might use it I hope

Thanks for participating and good luck

Muchas gracias! 🙌🏻 Muy feliz de poner esta temática en mi primer concurso 🙈 un abrazo ⭐

Love it! I am a big meme fan! Here is my entry for the weekly competition: and thanks @brittandjosie for organizing!

I hope the ladies of hive will listen just as your students !
Good luck this week I visited your blog and voted

Thanks a lot!

Love the ideas

The family and its environment
Work relationships
Relationships with your partner
How are you doing with your children? do you have any with special qualities? what would you do with them?
Ask the Psychologist
Ask the Doctor
Learn home economics
Make your own garden
Grow your own vegetables
Grow your own aromatic plants
My favorite hobbies
Share your homemade health recipe
Learn how to manage your time
Be yourself
Learn to be happy
Be your own boss
Learn to delegate
Pets and family
Annoying neighbors
The misunderstood mother-in-law
Fashion and beauty

I shared it in the Discord and maybe it will help
Good luck in the contest this week

Thank you @brittandjosie for considering posting my ideas on Discord.

As a team it is easier to achieve the common goals we all have in this beautiful community.

Happy day to all of

I visited your blog and I love the memes !
Good luck this week and Thank you for participating

Gracias por visitar mi blog y por los buenos deseos. Bendiciones🙌🤗🌹

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the good wishes. Blessings🙌🤗🌹

¡Hola chicas, aquí les dejo mi enlace, espero les guste!

I love the answer and you are right

The humble suggestion I can offer would be to know the entrepreneurial side of each lady of this community, if they have turned into reality their passions of doing some business, be it organizing events, financial analysts, gastronomy, sewing, computing, etc. To know if they are taking the reins of their own business, starting from scratch or if they are successfully fulfilling a plan of action. Remember the post Ladies of Hive Community Contest #34 where there were wonderful answers!

We have to make sure the weekly contest is on everybody's agaenda and that this will be done by many.

Thank you for your entry good luck this week

Don't know if this would work for anyone else but me, Lol!
For FUN, and not an entry. 😱

I couldn't choose hahahah
Love the meme

Going to your entry now! Thank you for participating in this weeks contest

Did you know we Dutch people
All own a bike? Thanks for the great entry and I visited your blog and upvoted it and wish you well in the contest

In my country the use of bicycles has increased in recent years, but I do know that in many European countries it is a very common type of transport. thanks for commenting and support

Hahahah what do women want, thats the question i ask myself every day just for fun hahahah
Gonna go to your entry now

Por aqui dejo mi meme.


Love the spanish memes thank you , and do you want to enter the contest aswell?

Si, todas las semanas lo hago. Mil gracias.

Yes, I do it every week. Thank you

I don’t see your entry here , to be eligible for the prizes you need to leave your entry here so we can judge. This is only a picture of the meme or do you still have to make the blog entry?

I am making my entry to the Block.

Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

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Support Ecency
Vote for Proposal
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Interesante la propuesta!!!

Hola amigas, aunque un poquito retrasada aqui les dejo con mucho cariño mi participación:


Hola buenas noches , excelentes participaciones de todas las chicas las felicito

dejo por aca mi participación espero les agrade.

Saludos por excelente iniciativa @brittandjosie

invito a mi madre a participar en excelente concurso @naimajudith

I didn't have time to make an entry but as the winner of the previous meme contest 👸🏼 I want to say that we could improve the community by insentivizing and valuing engagement. There is nothing more rewarding than opening your blog and finding a comment either to congratulate you on the content or to give you constructive criticism to help you improve.

I think we all agree that we should visit more of the hive ladies posts, many times I see excellent posts with very touching stories that could serve to teach others and it has very few votes and 0 comments. It is not fair. We are here to support each other and be in solidarity with our sisters. So I propose that in the contests it is established in the rules to vote several entries to be a winner and could be given a prize for commitment, the one who visits all the entries wins this special prize. I love you all! I love this space. Good luck to all of you.

No tuve tiempo de hace una entrada pero como ganadora del concurso de memes anterior 👸🏼 quiero decir que podríamos mejorar la comunidad insentivando y valorando el compromiso. No hay nada mas gratificante que abrir tu blog y encontrar un comentario ya sea para felicitarte por el contenido o para darte una critica constructiva que te ayude a mejorar.
Creo que todas estamos de acuerdo con que deberíamos de visitar mas las entradas de las damas de hive, muchas veces veo excelentes post con historias muy conmovedoras y que podrían servir para enseñar a otras y tiene muy pocos votos y 0 comentarios. No es justo. Estamos aquí para apoyarnos y ser solidarias con nuestras hermanas. Asi que propongo que en los concursos se establezca en las reglas votar varias entradas para ser ganadora y se podría dar un premio al compromiso, la que visite todas las entradas gana este premio especial. Un abrazo a todas las quiero! me encanta este espacio. Suerte a todas.


So sweet thank you, we will add that to the list !

For sure @comet.ranker ❤️ And ⭕️ And ❗️