WINNERS: Ladies of Hive Contest #156

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Authored by @joanstewart


The 156th edition of the Ladies of Hive CONTEST has come to a close and winners have been selected! It was difficult as all the entries were wonderful! We would like to thank everyone who participated and are glad that the invitations brought more women into our community!

BIG THANKS goes to @sagarkothari88 for sending a bonus prize to all on the Winners List: a small amount of actual HIVE POWER (HP) sent directly to the accounts of everyone on the Winners List! Winners will immediately begin benefitting from that prize and will earn APR on it, too! Thank you for doing this for our community! 💜 If anyone has a spare witness vote to cast his way, I'm sure he would appreciate it!

The winners chosen for the 3 HIVE Grand Prize, 300 Ecency Points,
7 LOH tokens, and 4 QUEERH tokens:


Judge's Notes:
Path of life we always stumble into disillusion or betrayal on some level especially when those close go on, either away to far off places or pass away. How you cope with finding yourself learning something new or cooking because it makes you feel whole are both helpful tips to coping in life, we never give up!

Second-Place Winners, receiving 2 HIVE, 150 Ecency Points,
5 LOH tokens, and 3 QUEERH tokens:


Judge's Notes:
Overcoming ones mental attitude, reflecting within to erase the negative. A strong personal initiative to keep growing toward the outcome you desire, upholding hope toward a better future.

Third-Place Winners, receiving 1 HIVE, 50 Ecency Points,
3 LOH tokens, and 2 QUEERH tokens:


Judge's Notes:
Finding various methods to pull yourself out of mental fatigue, it really is up to each one in dealing with situations and overcoming them, hope is in waking up every morning to watch a new sunrise.


Judge's Notes:
Tears of joy/frustration/anger/sorrow all bring form of relief, recognizing what gives us hope, stability comes from within, knowing ourselves. You have a good release in shedding a tear, take note, then listening to uplifting music.


Judge's Notes:
Going forward, hope certainly needs a positive outcome. Learned a lot more from your content, never realized you went to a referendum to be turned down, flabbergasted by result in this day and age.


Judge's Notes:
Mental ability to overcome horrors of suddenly being sick, using the power of the mind to switch from sickness to health is an inner strength, may take longer far more permanent. Greater power over all that exists many feel comfort in knowing.


Judge's Notes:
Attitude toward how we accept things in life makes a huge difference in life itself. Able to possess a strong inner knowledge from age helps immensely. We can be thankful we never walk in another's shoes.

Everyone who took the time to participate
might receive LADY (LOH) tokens as well!
Details of how many tokens you can earn are here:

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Thank you, everyone!

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Thankyou so much. This totally came as a unexpected surprise.

Congratulations to @lvadlr for first place,
@shamis for second place,
@teknon, @purrix, @riverflows, @yulilemus, @antoniarhuiz,
and to all who entered, you did a wonderful work by supporting each other, and that classifies everyone as a winner!

Thank you lots.

Thanks You Friend 🌺🌹

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I'm honored. Thank you so much.

Name appearing in the winners list itself is a big trophy. Thankyou so much.

I appreciate the honor 🌻🌷💐🌺🌹

Thanks so much for this amazing support 💜

Congratulations to the winners of this prompt.

Congrats to all of the winners!🙌

Congratulations to all the winners of the contest.

I want to nominate@joanstewart

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Congratulations to all the winners,keep it guys .

Am a few hours late for this contest.. Posted my entry just now 😅.
Anyway, congrats ladies

Felicitaciones a las ganadoras.
Congratulations to the winners @lvadlr @shamis @teknon @purrix @riverflows @yulilemus @antoniarhuiz

Saludos mi querida amiga, gracias 🫂

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Thank you beautiful ladies!!! 🌼🌼🌼

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Congratulations @lvadlr , @shamis and all our winners of the 156th #ladiesofhive edition.

Thanks so much for this 💜💜

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Congratulations to all the winners. Well done ladies ❤💪.

However I nominate @joanstewart for all her nice comments on my publish.
Greetings everyone.

Congratulations to all the winners!