WINNERS: Ladies of Hive Contest #162

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Authored by @tibaire


The 162nd edition of the Ladies of Hive CONTEST has come to a close and winners have been selected! We would like to thank everyone who participated!

BIG THANKS goes to @sagarkothari88 for sending a bonus prize to all on the Winners List: a small amount of actual HivePower (HP) sent directly to the accounts of everyone on the Winners List! Winners will immediately begin benefitting from that prize and will earn APR on it, too! If anyone has a spare witness vote to cast his way, I'm sure he would appreciate it!

The winners chosen for the 3 HIVE Grand Prize, 300 Ecency Points,
7 LOH tokens, & 4 QUEERH tokens:


Second-Place Winners, receiving 2 HIVE, 150 Ecency Points,
5 LOH tokens, and 3 QUEERH tokens:


Third-Place Winners, receiving 1 HIVE, 50 Ecency Points,
3 LOH tokens, and 2 QUEERH tokens:






Everyone who took the time to participate
might receive LADY (LOH) tokens as well!
Details of how many tokens you can earn are here:

Nominate a Comment!

You are welcome to nominate one person who made a lovely comment on your contest post. If we agree that it is a nice comment, thoughtful and not made in haste, both you and the commenter will receive ONE additional LOH token! Your nomination should be made in a comment on this post, and the nominee must have commented on your post, not someone else's!

Thank you, everyone!

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Thank you @ladiesofhive team
@tibaire I know its not an easy job to read and evaluate so many posts. I appreciate your effort. Thank you.
It's an honor to be among the winners.
Congrats @mariperez316 @actioncats @cautiva-30 @seunnara @les90 @sacra97 Great job
Have an amazing weekend ladies

Thanks You ❤️🤗🤗

Thanks for the wishes. You're well appreciated @sofs-su.

Thank you and have a great day 😊

Thank you for the rewards 🙂

Thanks for the gift.

sincere thanks @silversaver888 😘🤗😘

Greetings dear @silversaver888 thanks for the award, it is appropriate to highlight that reflect in this publication my entry to the contest #.161, being the correct for the entry to the contest #162 the following: /@cautiva-30/gratitude-for-the-past-look-at-the-future-loh-162-en-eng-gratitude-for-the-past-look-at-the-future-loh-162
I appreciate the support!

immediately grateful 🙏

Thanks for the token transfer @silversaver888 God bless ladiesofhives more.

Thanks for the token transfer @silversaver888

Congrats to all of the winners!

Thank you Elizabeth ❤️

You are very welcome! Take care!🤗💜

I'm happy to see my name in the winner's list 😍 congratulations to all winners 💫

Congratulations @mariperez316 for first place,
@sofs-su for second place,
@actioncats, @cautiva-30, @seunnara, @les90, @sacra97,
and to all the participants, for you are all showing respect and holding each other up in support, and that makes you all winners!!! Congrats again!!!

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@jamerussell, you successfully shared 0.1000 LOH with @ladiesofhive and you earned 0.1000 LOH as tips. (3/9 calls)

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Thanks @jamerussell for the well wishes. I am glad for the show of love.

Greetings ,@jamerussell, thank you, very kind

Thanks you.

Thank you 😊

Congratulations to all the winners!

Congratulations to @mariperez316 @sofs-su @actioncats @cautiva-30 @seunnara @les90. Congratulations to all and grateful for the award.

Felicitaciones a todas y agradecida por el premio.

Thanks @sacra97 for the congratulatory message.

Saludos estimadas @ladiesofhive, gracias por el premio, es oportuno resaltar que reflejan en ésta publicación mi entrada al concurso #.161, siendo lo correcto para la entrada al concurso #162 la siguiente:
Agradezco el apoyo!

Thank you very much for your support, a big hug to all the beautiful ladies of this community.

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@ladiesofhive, You have received 1.0000 LOH for posting in Ladies of Hive. We believe that you should be rewarded for the time and effort spent in creating articles. The goal is to encourage token holders to accumulate and hodl LOH tokens over a long period of time.

Congratulations @mariperez316, @sofs-su and all our winners of #ladiesofhive 162nd edition. Well done @tibaire! ❤️

Greetings @kerrislravenhill, thanks You ❤️

Congratulations to the winners of wat edition @mariperez316 @actioncats @cautiva-30 @seunnara @les90 @sacra97

Felicitaciones a las ganadoras de wat edición @mariperez316 @actioncats @cautiva-30 @seunnara @les90 @sacra97

Thanks You @antoniarhuiz, Greetings 🤗

Gracias mi bella

Thank you 😊

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉🎉

Congratulations to all of you respectable Ladies 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Congratulations to the winners 🥳🥳🥳🥳