Exhausting Weekend Activities.

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Exhausting Weekend Activities.

How are you friends on this occasion..?

Hopefully you are still in the protection of God the Almighty and are still in good physical and mental health, hopefully you are all not less than one thing. On this occasion, I will share my daily activities on Saturday, 29/10/2022.

Light rain accompanied by cool air started my activities for today, after getting out of bed, I immediately cleaned myself up to the bathroom and performed the Fajr prayer.


The clock hand that continues to move shows approximately 06.25. WIB, at that time I went straight to the kitchen room to prepare a breakfast menu for my beloved family. After preparing breakfast with a simple menu, I immediately prepared the needs of my children and husband for their activities today.

When my children and husband left for their activities, I immediately resumed my activities as a housewife. The things I do, of course, clean the house, clean the yard, wash the dishes, and continue with washing clothes and other work.

Around 10:00. WIB, I immediately rushed to the office of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Bireuen, I traveled there by motorbike. While on the trip, I also had time to stop at a gas station to refuel the vehicle.


When I arrived at the office, I immediately gathered with friends who had arrived first. While waiting for the arrival of other friends, I and some friends chatted for a while, during the conversation we discussed the activities that had taken place and some of the activities that we would carry out in the future.

When all of my friends arrived, my friends and I immediately started the activity meeting. This meeting discussed the performance evaluation of the extraordinary event program and community-based surveillance of the polio preparedness program. The meeting also discussed planning for mapping and data collection, to understand the public's reluctance regarding the reluctance of the Polio vaccine as part of the Polio eradication program.


When the meeting was over, my friends and I also did social service activities. The activity we do is mutual cooperation, the area we clean is the office yard and the room and some surrounding residential areas. Before carrying out this activity, we divided the tasks for each work area, male friends cleaned the surrounding residential area, while the women cleaned the office yard and rooms.

The gotong royong activity ended around 12:10. WIB, my friends and I immediately rested while enjoying some makeshift food and drinks. Next, my friends and I immediately went to a cafe to enjoy lunch together, using our respective vehicles we went to the location.


Arriving at the Cafe, my friends and I immediately chose one of the tables as a place to rest, at that table we ordered a variety of food and drinks offered by the cafe and restaurant waitress. Not long after, we enjoyed the food and drinks served by the cafe and restaurant waitress.

The place we chose to have lunch together at Central Cafe Bireuen, the place is a very extraordinary and luxurious place. However, the price of food and drinks here is still very affordable for all people. After enjoying lunch with us, we also enjoyed the beauty of the interior of the room with a group photo, we also had time to talk for a moment to release the fatigue that was in our souls.



Around 2:15 p.m. WIB, my colleagues and I immediately returned to our respective homes. Arriving at home, I immediately cleaned myself and performed the Dzuhur prayer. Next, I continued my activities by gathering with my family while enjoying the rest in the family room.

After the Asr prayer, my colleagues and I carried out sports activities. The sport I do is jogging, we chose the sports field in Paya Kareung Bireuen. The place is filled with sports lovers every day, after exercising, my colleagues and I also enjoy togetherness while resting. We also enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and breathed the free air.


Meanwhile, the activity I do at night is to enjoy the atmosphere of a weekend with my family. My husband and I took the children to enjoy children's rides in the city center, various games were available at the venue, one by one we tried to play.


From the rides, we then enjoyed dinner together at Central Cafe Bireuen. In that place we enjoyed the food and drinks offered by the waiters, this place was very busy visited by the people of Bireuen.


This place becomes a comfortable place for families to enjoy various types of Acehnese cuisine, on weekends many visitors of all ages visit this place. In addition to affordable prices, this place has a very luxurious interior. It is a perfect place to discuss or hang out with friends, co-workers and family.


Before arriving at this place, my family and I also had time to tour the city of Bireuen with the beauty it has to offer. Community activities on weekends of course make the city of Bireuen a bit congested with traffic, some roads are also often jammed due to heavy vehicles.

After enjoying dinner with the family, we immediately returned home to rest. When I got home, I immediately cleaned up and took time to rest. The hectic activities this weekend made me feel very tired, so I immediately went to the bed.

That's the activity that I went through, on Saturday, 29/10/2022, hopefully it can be useful and entertain all of my friends. Sorry if there are words that are wrong or less pleasing to the heart in this writing, we are always human and never escape from mistakes.

That is all and thank you.


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