Some thoughts and craving experiences of a first-time Mom.

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Since I was a kid, I know that I will have a family of my own at the right time. I even had a timeline for everything, including when to get married and have a kid. Growing up in a simple family from the countryside somewhere on an island in the Philippines was enough motivation not to marry early. That is why I married late compared to my fellow in our community or my sisters. I remember they even thought and considered me as an old maid. Na, I am not that old yet; I was twenty-eight when I finally decided to tie the knot. However, it was just the place or, let's say, tradition that made me OLD!

As I mentioned, I had a timeline set, and having a kid was supposed to be before I reached the age of thirty. At that time, two years was long enough to make it happen. Thus, luck wasn't on my side, and I got frustrated in the past years. Honestly, it already ran in my mind that maybe my role in this life was to be a forever Tita, Auntie. It hurts, but what can I do if that is what I am destined to do?

The unexpected blessings!

It was not unexpected as we had planned this, yet we tried a couple of times but failed. However, finally after five years of waiting, we finally got pregnant, days before my 34th birthday! . It feels so unreal at first, not until I see my baby's heart beats for the first time!

Since then, my life has changed; the world suddenly became more colorful than usual. The love between the husband and I seemed to grow more, not that we are having the fruit from our flesh and blood, from our LOVE!

As a first-time mom, I was simultaneously excited and worried, and I had some fears. I need to be extra careful with my moves, food, and actions.


Just like going to work every day. Before, I used to cross over that overpass as the FX (public transpo) was on the other side. Thus, since I got pregnant, climbing up the stairs became a challenge. I feel so tired and have shortness of breath, plus I am paranoid that something might happen.


Now, I walk straight ahead and pass by in between that space! Yes, like those ladies are doing! It only takes longer as I have to wait until vehicles are rare or drivers are generous enough to let me cross. There is no pedestrian here 🤣.

Pregnancy carvings and other weird things.

Well, aside from the unexplained tiredness and hunger I felt most of the time, my crazy cravings started just a week before I was done with the first trimester. These days, what to eat has been one of my problems. I often bought food, but after tasting it, I found it meh, so I gave it to my office/housemate. At least I should be thankful they aren't that picky, so the food was well-spent. They even got used to me, and sometimes they would ask hey, Lhes, I am hungry. Is there any food you bought that you don't feel like eating? Common, give it to me so it won't be wasted.

There was even one night that I suddenly craved for chopsuey. I was drooling and hungry, thinking of crispy cabbage and broccoli as I chew. I am alone as my husband is working abroad. So, I opened my food delivery app to order. Thus, after checking several restaurants, I haven't ordered anything. Why? All didn't look delicious to me. I wouldn't say I like how it looks in the photos. I had a hunch that I wouldn't be satisfied with the taste! I ended up frustrated that night, so I woke up early the next day to cook.

Well, this is what I want: sautéed veggies and some seasonings! No meat, as it makes me puke!

Not only that, but I also love to dip any fruits with salt. It could be unripe mangos, apples, strawberries, anything! But na, I don't find it weird this time, as when my sister @asiaymalay was pregnant, she used to eat salt 🤣.

What was the weirdest, then?

I constantly throw up this past day every time I brush my teeth and bathe! For some reason, the moment I tasted the toothpaste in my mouth, my stomach started to feel weird, and I was already kneeling in front of the toilet bowl. I feel so drained; it hurts and feels like my intestine came out while puking, lol! 🤣

In taking a bath, the moment the water started to run down my body, the same thing happened 😂. Yet, there is no way I won't brush my teeth or not take a bath, right? Especially these days when I always feel so hot, like summer!

For Mommies, does anyone experience this?

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Parang mas nag worry ako sayo na dumaan ka sa street na walang pedestrian lane. It's more dangerous to walk there with the stairs kasi mas safe ka dun at walang babangga sayo na cars. Also, walking with the stairs is a good exercise. Trust me. Oo, mahirap sya but siguro mag stop ka na walking on the stairs pag 4 or 5 months preggy ka na. Hehehe! Pero if maliit pa naman at ok pa mag walking on the stairs, do it but slowly.

When I was dealing with my cravings, I was in the PH and he was in France. So, as long as may pera ako I could easily give in to my food cravings. Also, masyado akong gala while buntis kasi nagpunta pa ako ng Manila twice to deal with visas and also, para mag food trip sa Binondo. Hahaha! Flew from Cebu to Manila para mag food trip. Tapos nag freediving pa ako for my pregnancy photoshoot.

Haha, maybe after I am done in first trimester then I will walking na
Just now, I couldn't bear it aside from nakakahapo,sumasakit ang puson ko 😬. So natatakot ako maglakad lalo na magstairs.

Ah, that is one things my husband assure kahit wala siya. May enough money ako to buy all my cravings, kahit tig 1k pa daw na food Basta gusto ko
His way of caring even he is miles away.

Dati nung nasa Bali kami, di ko alam na buntis na pala ako pero I felt so bloated and super iritable. Laging galit. XD Yon na pala yon. First trimester super iritable. sa second sem parang accepted ko na buntis na ako. Hehe buti na lang di naman kamahalan mga food cravings ko pero sa travel ako magastos. Yong mga relatives ko sa Cebu may masasabi na lang na kasi not so normal nga daw gumala ang buntis na mag isa pa. Baka mapano daw ako. Hehe!

Ang lakas din Ng loob mo 😄
Ako kahit uwi Ng batangas (Bahay namin) di pa Mula noong nabuntis ako

need mag practice kasi nung nasa 28 weeks preggy na ako, nag byahe na ako from cbu to hk to munich to amsterdam to France XD solo travel pagdating super haggard ko na.

You will experience more te Lhes! A bunch of mood swings and changes not only in the emotions but also the physiological too. For cravings, I do recall April craving for junk foods in the middle of the night. Clover chips to be exact, COVID times and stores are close to extinction. There's no shops nearby that sells food, she ended up crying hahah then after she recall those stuff she just find it meh.

Preference over food change too I guess, April's not eating corned beef anymore sayang yung corn beef tier list ko tuloy.

Hahha it was so frustrating kaya! The feeling na laway na laway ka na, sakit na tiyan ko at feeling ko super gutom na. Though reality was, I just are an hour ago 🤣.

Ah corned beef is also one that I hate to eat since the day I got pregnant 🤣.

Ah corned beef is also one that I hate to eat since the day I got pregnant 🤣.

Bakit kayo ganyan? May something daw sa corned beef na di na tolerable sa taste nya. Kahit anong brand isn't working anymore : (

I don't know nga 🥹, Basta it taste meh 😂

Dapat anjan hubby mo to cater your cravings hehe..

Hehe need Niya magwork sis! Alam mo na,pag andito siya baka wala Naman kami pambili Ng cravings 😂.

Kaya cravings ko, hanap ko 😂

Cravings o pera? Sympre dun tayo sa pera! HAHHA

Siyempre Pera! Hahha

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28 years old is not late whaha. Some of my friends do not plan to marry until 35 years old 🤣

I just can imagine the crispy cabbage Cruch!


Hehe in my community before reaching in twenties and unmarried they look at you as old maid ,😂


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Goshh, reading this just gave me moreeee reason not to have a baby, ever! Para namang may juwa ee no, HAHAHA. But Gosh, that's really hard, daming cravings pero di masatisfied, but at least nasatisfied naman nga ka office work mo pwd na din, lol. Sana matapos na yang hirap mo na yan aguyyy, pero mabilis nalang yan for sure kaya goos luckuuuu

Haha Sabi nga nila bili lng daw ako food
No problem sa pag ubos 🤣


not to have a baby, ever! Para namang may juwa ee no, HAHAHA.

Gurl, pwede magkaroon ng baby kahit walang juwa hahah push na yan. Immaculate conception.

HAHAHAH, nong sinabi ko na ayaw ko, si mommy naman ang ni suggest, magpaanak daw kahit paano HAHAHAHA

hahah siya na ang nag desisyon for you.

At least open minded si Mommy 😉

This really made me remember my pregnancy, I was so excited I didn't have any debilitating symptoms, until the 35th week when I couldn't eat anything. I remember my cravings were basically pizza in any variant

Ah yeah, it was so hard feeling hungry but couldn't eat anything 🤣

Just eat salt.. LOL😆😆😆

You've been through some really strange things and I hope they don't happen again. I can imagine that being a first time mom will be hard and I wish you the best of luck. I hope everything gets better.

Your friends have taken their opportunities very well XD

It was really and didn't expect to experience this as all my sister's seemd had smooth pregnancy all throughout 🤣.

Oh yes, but at least I am thankful food aren't wasted 🤣

Huy nung buntis ko din naranasan magdutdut ng strawberry sa asin! hahaha ngayon wala na ung lihi parang ewww na sakin ung lasa cause I usually dip it in sugar 🤣 Kapit lang marse! Kayang kaya mo yan hahahah

Haha diba Ang sarap idutdot sa asin?
Parang start na Ng absent moments ko sa work marse 🤣


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Being pregnant must be a great experience! I hope you are going through it in the best way. I can't imagine that food makes you nauseous, it must be strange. I don't have children yet but I would probably also be a little paranoid about doing too much force or climbing stairs 😅.

It was a great experience especially since I've been waiting for this for so long! 😁
Yet, crazy things really happened during pregnancy 🤣, didn't even expect I would be this weird!

Cabbage, broccoli, amazing how our bodies know what we need isn't it? Conrgatultions @lhes ❤️
I didn't have any shower or toothpaste issues.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Mainit tlga katawan ng buntis kaya masanay ka na din. Naglilihi ka pa tlga ano kya congrats at mgkaka bb ka na din sis. Iwasan mo ang di dpat at kkaw lng din makaka control nyan para di ka mahirapan manganak.

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