New place for me, Ladies of Hive

Hello beautiful peeps
Today I was so happy to be invited in to new community - Ladies of Hive
I'm new to this world and having an opportunity to be part of something like this is rocking
Finally a place where ladies can chat and have fun in their own way

Man are allowed but only if they behave, if not.. 🤣

So let me give you a little intro

I'm 21, pretty young and I'm a beautician, specialized in massages,make up,pedicure and other related beauty things
I started to have interest in crypto little less than a year ago and it is going great :D

I'm sort of a rebel, ink obsessed, animal lover,dancer and art enjoying person
I love to travel also but I haven't been able to do it in quite some time
I speak openly about things, 95% of the time being positive
Antibullying type with sometimes feisty personality

I have two big beasts
A doberman and a mix - Malinois ft. Hellenikos Poimenikos know as Greek shepherd

MY two big babies ❤

I am In love with drawing, even tho I sometimes am very busy, It make's me feel relaxed
I've been drawing since I was little, I guess that was a way to escape some things and haven't regret it

I would like to thank @hetty-rowan on an invite and ofc @Silversaver888 and @thekittygirl for starting this great community, it is

Let's rock it

Thank you again ☺
Stay Safe


Love the shiny black colour of the dog. Good to stay in touch with other ladies on the blockchain.

Oh!!! I love your dogs! I have two the same colors but much much tinier!

really :D what breed?

Dachshunds!. 😄


njaaaa 😍

Welcome to #ladiesofhive , and bring these handsome beasts along too. 🐕

Thank you, oh i will 😆


Upped and rehived😍

Hey there, great to have you in the Ladies of Hive community, and you know of course that I sure do love your big beasts. They look very happy! Looking forward to read more of your posts, see more of your big beasts, and of course more of your drawings because that looks very nice too!

Thank you so much Hetty :D

Yeah, i know a little bit of you about your dancing skill, you should continue it, art is impressive and the smokey style is a surprise but rocking.... Hope all kitty will be enjoy with their other mate on that space.

Once more to impress with your dancing skill!!

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@lilchillgirl, I am so happy to meet you!!! And my goodness, I love JODA AND ZEN. I have three Yorkies myself. If we lived close to each other, we'd probably see each other every week, because I love all the pampering related to beauty things, LOL. I hope to chat with you soon on discord. And BTW, we have the powder room available to you.
Have a lovely day, @lilchillgirl and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Your drawings are awesome

heya, welcome aboard, sweet dogs...I love big badass dogs