Dear ladies, Know your worth! (LOH #171)

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Just like men, women are equally important. They play a vital role in the society, the family and in many aspects. But unfortunately many cultures today still look down on women and view them as the lesser ones. As a result even the women look down on themselves.

There are a lot of advice to give to young ladies today. But I will boil it down to one crucial piece of advice. Which is:

"Do not settle for less than you deserve. Always know your worth"

I chose this advice because it covers all the aspect of empowerment a lady needs.

Dear ladies,

Understanding your value, and settling for only what you deserve, whether in relationships, career opportunities, or personal growth is important for leading a fulfilled life.

Knowing your worth involves advocating for yourself, setting up boundaries. Always recognize when situations do not align with your worth.

This advice, dear ladies can help you cultivate self-respect, confidence and resilience in all aspects of your life's journey!


The advice goes to all young ladies especially me, I'm still on a journey of recognizing my real worth and I hope to be able to tell the full story when I reach the destination!

Thank you for reading to this point! 🤗

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This is the best advice every lady needs, to not settle for less, why settle for less when you can also get the best.. Kudos to this


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