Hive community spotlight #1. Premiere with @thekittygirl 🌟

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Hey guys, welcome to the ever first edition of the community spotlight!

As you may know, I recently announced the starting of this new series and today is the day. The purpose of this series is to showcase the stars of hive, the individuals and projects that make hive shine brighter. Through interviews we will be learning a lot from them, and what advice they have for the hive community. Read more from this post

Today, in this first edition, I am thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of the most beautiful souls on hive! Guess who?

🌼 Episode #1: @thekittygirl

Screenshot_20240204-185110.pngThekittygirl blog

@thekittygirl has been on hive since the beginning of it's creation and is known for rendering support and assistance to other hive users. Her journey on hive is a tapestry of dedication and community spirit

In a heart to heart interview, she tells us how her journey have been and what motivates her to help people. You'll also learn about the interesting projects she is involved in. Stay put and discover what they are from the interview below:

IQ: Can you share a bit about yourself and how you got involved in hive community since the beginning? And how have your journey been so far?

Thekittygirl: I was on our "legacy chain" prior to the Hardfork that created Hive. I arrived there by the urging of a user named Pixelfan, who was on another site with me prior to the blockchain. My journey on Hive has been an interesting one, building some communities while participating in others, learning the etiquette & workings of the blockchain, helping answer questions that others have, and meeting people from all over the world. It has been very rewarding!

IQ: I noticed you've recently celebrated your 6th year anniversary on hive, what have motivated you to stay this long?

Thekittygirl: Like most people, I came for the crypto, but stayed because of the sense of "community" that exists on Hive. As anywhere, we have our differences, but there are plenty of like-minded and fascinating people here! Regardless of one's interests β€” food, fashion, homesteading, coding, crypto, travel, politics, writing, music β€” it's all here in one form other another!

IQ: What was your experience like in your early days of hive, and how have you watched the platform grow over time?

Thekittygirl: ***I was quite lost in my early days, as most people are, but the learning curve was fun, even if a bit steep in a few places. I have seen many positive changes over time and watched development in amazing directions. As vibrant as this platform is, there's never a dull moment. There are so many things coming down the pike!

IQ: You're known for offering support and suggestions to others, can you share what motivates you to do so?

Thekittygirl: From a young age, I was taught to help others whenever possible, and it became one of my main motivations in life. Many cultures raise women that way, so I am not alone there. Most of my jobs have been largely in a support capacity, maintaining the framework that allows others to shine, or teaching others to use particular systems.

IQ: Are there any memorable moments or achievements on hive that stand out for you?

Thekittygirl: There have been so many! Among them are attending my first "live" curation show for posts on the blockchain (PYPT), launching TheTerminal project that helps answer questions about Hive, launching the LadiesOfHive project, and too many other smaller memories to mention!

IQ: Can you talk about @theterminal project and what it is about? Also are there other projects you're involved in?

Thekittygirl: The primary goal of TheTerminal is to answer questions about Hive, cryptocurrency, and Discord. Our team is spread worldwide in many time zones for helping answer questions all day, every day. Founded in December of 2018, we aim to help folks learn the etiquette and workings of the blockchain, grow their accounts, and find communities where they can thrive. We are like a travel terminal for destinations on the blockchain, and we welcome questions from veteran users as well as newbies.
LadiesOfHive's mission is to empower and encourage female, feminine, and femme-identifying voices on Hive. We are here to support, uplift, and learn from one another. We believe female voices and ideas should find equal representation in all corners of the blockchain. This is an inclusive space and we welcome all who also support this vision. Our weekly contests are helping to keep the vision and participation alive since 2020.
InnerBlocks puts an emphasis on real life, real experiences, and the "inner blocks" which make us unique. Inner Blocks has the focus of supporting, encouraging, and empowering users to live their lives, to take charge, and have real experiences. Life shouldn't be lived inside of #hashtags, but #hashtags should be a reflection of something much bigger: personal stories and #lifehappening

IQ: What advice would you give to newbies joining hive?

Thekittygirl: Store your Hive Keys somewhere besides on your main device. Many users have lost their phones or had a hard-drive crash on their computer and everything is gone with no way to regain access to their accounts and crypto. Storing Keys on thumb-drives is an option for mobile users as well as those with laptops/desktops. My Keys are stored on multiple thumb-drives in case one fails.
Write what you know, and make it original work. No one likes a thief who steals someone else's work and tries to make money from it. And if someone reads an article or two about crypto, cancer research, or any other topic, then tries to compose a post, hurriedly, as if they're an expert, it will show in their writing. Personal stories are always a better choice, in my humble opinion. I love reading about other parts of the world, other cultures, other customs, other foods, and seeing photos from villages, parks, mountains, and cafes all around the globe!

IQ: Any positive message you would like to convey to the hive community?



This has been an incredible journey into the heart of thekittygirl's contributions and experiences. A huge thank you to the beautiful soul 😘 for sharing these insights and making hive a brighter space.

My Journey on hive would have been meaningless without her help! πŸ’œ

What are your thoughts?

Share them in the comments below, has this beautiful user every helped you before, what more have you learnt from her or about her from this spotlight?

Also share any suggestions to improve this series, this would be greatly appreciated!


Who would you like to nominate for the next edition? Share in the comments or you can contact me on discord!

Thank you, and stay tuned and stay tuned for more inspiring stories and projects on hive in the upcoming editions of our community spotlight series. See you next time πŸ€—

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This is beautiful, interesting and educating. Also, so encouraging for newbies and most people who needs information on some area as detailed in this Hive Community spotlight #1.

I enjoyed reading and will keep up following every release of each series. I love how @thekittygirl advised that newbies should write ✍️ on what they know, making it original. This is very important. Original work makes an easy flow. And I think @thekittygirl is a very empowering lady.

I will like to nominate @brittandjosie for the next edition.

Thanks for bringing on this initiative here @madilyn02 . Happy new week.

I'm glad you enjoyed this first edition, there are a lot more to come and a lot more users to spotlight. Thank you for your nomination!

Its all my pleasure. Great initiative too. Best wishes.

I think this will be an interesting and fun series to read, and I am definitely looking forward to future editions! Thank you for featuring me in the very first interview! 😊

Hey @madilyn02! sagarkothari88 upvoted based on request from @thekittygirl
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Keep Up the good work on Hive ♦️

And thanks for letting me feature you, we've really learnt a lot from you


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Wow, this is a nice initiative and is interesting to read and know more about our own @thekittygirl .

Your support to the hive ecosystem is evident. Since my arrival to this chain, I have seen you almost everywhere in the chain, offering support and building communities. I will say more grace to your life, let's keep Hiving

@madilyn02 thanks for this session

I will love to nominate @silversaver888

Thank you so much for your kind word of support and appreciation. Hope to see you in the upcoming editions, and thank you for your nomination!

This is an interesting series, I'm just learning about this user. The advice she gave is superb. Thank you for featuring.

I don't know much people on hive so don't know who to nominate!

Thank you too, I'm happy you learnt something here

A great article that helps us to get to know @thekittygirl better. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed and lovely day!

Thanks, and you too!