I made zobo for the first time. See how!

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It feels really good for me to be learning how to make different foods and drinks. Today I'll share with you the drink I made recently, it's the popular Nigerian drink called Zobo.
I'll share the ingredients and the steps used in preparing it. I have watched and helped my mom and others to make it but this time I did it myself!
Stay with me and enjoy the making process!


2 cups dry hibiscus (Zobo leaves)
1 cloves
1 small ball of beetroot
5 cups of water
1 Satchet pineapple flavour
Slices of pineapple and watermelon



  • First thing I did was to wash the dry hibiscus (Zobo leaves), and turn it into a pot


  • Next I cut the beetroot into smaller pieces and also added it to the pot with the hibiscus.


  • I also added the cloves to it and then five cups of water, and put it to boil



I gave it about 10 minutes to boil very well and i could see that the water has already turned red, just as expected!

  • Next was to sieve the drink and get it out in a bowl
  • After extracting the water, it's time to add some flavour, so I add the pineapple flavor to it


This flavor sweetens the drink and that's how I prefer it, though most people prefer to take it without the flavor. But I enjoy it sweet 😀

After this I allow the drink to cool very well to room temperature. Then I add the pineapple and watermelon slices to it and reserved some for garnishing too

And after that, it was all done, I garnished it with the fruits and from what I see, it looks really nice 😍 and tasty 😋😋, and nutritious.

And best served chilled!


Adding beetroots to the drink makes it more nutritious, though it is very optional, it's more common to use Pineapple peels but it is also very optional, adding fruit to the zobo is also optional but I think they are essential healthwise.


If you're still here, I would like to thank you for joining the making process of the zobo drink, I hope you enjoyed it, cause I did! 😄

See you next time 🤗

All photos belong to me

My intro post



It's a unique drink I guess. Never tried hibiscus in my drink though.. Am curious of the taste

It's really delicious with the other flavorings


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Hibiscus is rather hard to find as an ingredient where I live, I could have some luck at a Florist. One day I could try this. 🍹

I hope you do, you'd like it 😋